Writing Catalog

Lee McBride

Grade: 12

Hathaway Brown School

Instructor: Jeremy Tugeau

My eyes, My Image


My eyes, My Image

My line of sight scans myself, my eyes big and round, my reflection
seeing through myself,
into myself,
as I strip myself bare,
tear myself apart
over perfection meant to be
my own goal... your flaws,
stick out of yourself,
like a hydrant out of the ground, your fake confidence leaking out into the streets.

So many of your own words strike you down,
even as others build you up,
Seeing a side to you, you yourself cannot envision

My eyes can witness what others can't
It picks up my biggest fear,
Leaving it on a pedestal to myself,
for only myself,
So only I can see, and only I can suffer

I leave my insecurities to rot in a little corner,
to fester,
to grow, slowly,
seeping out of my pores, leaving blackheads in it's wake...
As everyone sees me for what I put out,
I leave what is undesirable stuffed inside, like stagnated water
It is always those looks, those gazes,
the distant unknown of what I see in peoples eyes.
insecure and childlike.

My eyes are my own, pretty, brown, and almond shaped...
my pride, my joy,
my downfall.

I see what others can't and my image of myself leaves, my eyes gaze into the distance,
the figures of other people alike
walking away towards the horizon, leaving...

My figure, singular, Alone.