Writing Catalog

Liliana Embrescia

Grade: 11

Laurel School

Instructor: Faina Polt, Kate Web

How Are You?


How Are You?

"How are you?"
What an insensitive question.
A simple greeting is all it's become.
No true answer is desired, so
"I'm good," becomes the response.
What about an honest answer, you say?
No one truly knows
What their honest answer would be -
Certainly not the recipient of the query.
They're as clueless as the asker.
For does anyone ever know
The depths of their emotions?
They are quite complicated, and
Impossible to unravel.
A true answer
Would take far too long to explain.
A simple, shallow one
Does not suffice, and yet
It is the only one sufficient enough.

Don't question the things
You know nothing about.

Unless, of course…
Well, nevermind.
It wouldn't have made a difference.