Writing Catalog

Sarai Murdock

Grade: 12

Cleveland School of the Arts

Instructor: Brittainy Quinn

Words of a Sinner


Words of a Sinner

Stuck in a world.. where we have more access to death beds than wings.
I, am being placed into a pre- purchase package of body confinement.
The lips of mine forced to open releasing a child, but a child's voice is speaking right now.
I fall on my knees begging the earth to suck me in and cover me with its leaves.
Whatever leaf it has left before the ground shakes and explodes,
I impose a new beginning.
Sinning is seen as the devils interaction but we choose to ignore the interaction of the government.
Sin seen as going against silence, back into my confinement i sin and sin and sin.
I continue to sin as I motivate my people
I continue to sin as I make my changes
I continue to sin as I show my lovely skin
And when others are aware of this tragedy, maybe then we can begin.