Writing Catalog

Sophia Tully

Grade: 10

Hathaway Brown School

Instructor: Scott Parsons

Show me how good it gets


Show me how good it gets

I wander down to the water
Tree roots are my steps
I reach the bank and marvel at the sun peeking through the mountains
Mist rising off the hills
The water motionless and still
I will my not-fully-awake mind to
Sharpen up! For fear of forgetting the magic of this moment
I hear the rustle of bushes behind me
It is Em, sporting a messy bun and
Bright smile
She joins me by the water
I am grateful for her lack of conversation
It seems a sin to break the quiet and
I am embarrassed of my morning voice
We stand together, hands in sweatshirt pockets
Admiring this secret beauty
I hear a whisper from my right
"Show me how good it gets."