Writing Catalog

Sylvaria Jones

Grade: 10

Cleveland School of the Arts

Instructor: Cari Thornton

reminiscence on femininity


reminiscence on femininity

she wants to be ripe,
a fresh pomegranate
fruitful and pure
not gutted
of her seeds
left with pith
and bitterness

i walk around,
with a cigarette in my hand
just like my father
i inhale the smoke
puff it out
a routine; comforting
nic was his name
inhaling his scent
felt nostalgic
just like my father

i love honey;
honey in my tea;
honey, he calls me,
"dumb, isn't she?"
my honeymoon
a reward to me,
he doesn't like it
my lanugo,
my minty breath,
the honey in my tea,
but i love it
i'm who i want to be.

lunch pails
turn into
paper bags
never expected
from a former
small ten toes
grow into
full of woe