Writing Catalog

Grace Taricska

Grade: 8

St Paschal Baylon School

Instructor: Anna Peko

Rabbit's Tale

Flash Fiction

Rabbit's Tale

Once I have finished my morning forage for food, I decide that it is time to rest. I hide in the vivid green bushes, away from all predators. The sun warms me, as its light reflects off of my greyish, brown fur. The scent of freshly bloomed flowers lingers in the spring air. I hear birds' songs travel through the air, their voices rich. I flop out onto my white, bunny tummy, resting on the lush grass. I close my brown eyes, and I slowly start drifting into sleep.

When I awaken, it is already dusk. The sky is starting to get dark, the sun vanishing beyond the horizon. I can hear the sound of lively crickets chirping. I know that it is time for my evening meal. I step out into the grass, and I start looking through the vast field.

I hop around for a while, looking for food. Out of the corner of my eye, I see something dark crawling toward me.

Oh no! It's a cat! I thought.

I hurry past the bushes, and into the forest. The forest is almost pitch black, and I can't see far ahead of me.

Someone scolds, "Mačka, come back inside! You're not supposed to be out after dark!"

I can hear the cat running to get back to its house.

After I hear the house's door open and close, I go back to the field. I need to resume my quest for food!

I end up finding some bright, yellow dandelions. I also find a bush with blueberries; they're my favorite!

I go back to the protection of my bushes, and I indulge in my filling meal. I drift off to sleep with a full belly, happy that I have had another delicious meal!