Writing Catalog

Sophie Yingling

Grade: 12

Shaker Heights High School

Instructor: Christina Stouffer

White Noise


White Noise

I am from a room where the stars can be seen
If you are willing to take the leap to find them

I am from late nights spent in the cold
Or the warmth leftover from the summer sun
That is where I became one

I am from songs of mystical swords, angels from the sun,
And songs written easily about those I've lost

I am from a hidden artistic flame,
Always being passed for the older ones because they
Said they liked drawing before you could

I am from the end of spring
A place full of lush beauty and
Yet a hidden misery reveals itself slowly

I am from the faith in those that have saved me,
No matter what others have said about them
I couldn't believe the horrible things said.

I am from wanting and believing that the future is an escape,
A sanctity to behold and a place to call home
Yet, it rarely is.

I am from love poems
Written about the longing for love
Rather than the feeling of the above.

I am from candle lit nights,
Because some days can only be solved
By the dim flicker of a flame.

I am from whispers in the dark
Where the heart lies to the mind
Holding my breath until I count to ten

I am from wishes that haven't yet been made,
Waiting for the last moment to leap from the edge

I am from fingers crossed at 11:11
Hoping for something better
Or something different

I am from flowers blossoming
Sprouting and blooming against their own will

I am from late night thoughts,
Developing a story of their own
To the song stuck in my heart

I am from knowing it isn't fine
But being too afraid to speak
Too afraid to reach for what I need

I am from a place in my dreams
Where who I want to be is who I am
And who I love has me in their heart as well

I am from the hopes and dreams planted within me
From the start of my life
Only beginning to reach the surface of what I am