Writing Catalog

Anthony Rocco

Grade: 11

Bay Village High School

Instructor: Erin Beirne

Now I'm Drawing


Now I'm Drawing

Crayons are where it started
because my father was an art teacher and he taught
me how to do it and so
I sat and made the streaks and peaks and creaked bada deak speak
with the color.

I made the couch a canvas
and the canvas was good and
I liked drawing those big terrible things
that roamed the ground pounding the earth in
until they got pounded out of earth
and after that I drew the days and nights and ighted the
blight spite whip da diddy boom zike.

Time went and goed the way it does and the paper became smaller and the utensils became
blacker and ink usurped the crayon and the pencils scritched and itched as the doodles expanded
from side to side the valley of creative skidded and splidded and whoop-da-dooped the ick and
splook of hippy-i-doop dop wop.

That path is being built and stepped on
and retread as the pages are reread by its eyes
though of course it is its eyes, its inky eyes are what make the white take shape
to form something that could or could not be a beetle
or a radish
or a face of pox
and that's how it's always gone anyways…

Those bits of scraps of the book get used or may never
be used but that's not what matters because its just a part of a bigger whole
anyways a whole that has meaning and isn't a hole of open air that is dared to
fare and cared ta-rare ba tare tare tare skippity bop whutchup bam drawing pow!