Writing Catalog

Mary Decker

Grade: 12

Mayfield High School

Instructor: Kari Beery

Thinking Stalls


Thinking Stalls

The problem with our world is that so many of us think
But we don't do
Think before you speak……of course
Think before you act…….duhh
But where do you draw the line between thinking and acting
When does change decide it's going to saunter on in
Or when will you grant it permission to?
The environment……….. oh no
The hungry…… how sad
Genocide…..God help them
A tear
A thought
Another thought
In special cases, possibly one more thought
But that's simply all I can afford you
Is it though?
Our energy doled solely to ourselves
Lacking the ability to permit our minds to dwell on issues
That might push boundaries we prefer not to cross
For fear that they may intrude upon our vain innocence
Is it a lack of intelligence
Or motivation
Possibly our raising
Or education?
I'm always here for you
I'm sorry for your circumstances
You are in my thoughts
For how long?
How much value lies within a fleeting thought
I don't care that you care
I care what you're going to do because you care
If you decide to do anything at all
That is
I blame you
Your sisters, brothers, and peers
Your teachers, parents, and children
And I blame myself
Because I
Right now
Am a hypocrite
Voicing aimless thoughts
That may strike your interest for a moment
Make you think twice about your actions
Maybe three times
Quite possibly even four
But will
a thing.