Writing Catalog

Azja Madden

Grade: 12

Cleveland School of the Arts

Instructor: Amber Jacob




I've always loved highways
As a child I always thought the speed
made the race with the raindrops go faster-
Now I spend time reminiscing on them,
Speeding through traffic but never fast enough to be pulled over.
I try to find places that remind me of home
But there's no one telling me about the accent I have but can't hear;
I don't spend nights in the living room until 2 am laughing,
I miss hiding in the bathroom for half an hour from an inevitable phone call.
Once you were in the phone with apostle it never ended,
I miss my neighbors partying and her light shining into my room
Something about the brightness reminded me that I was still there,
That I was finally settling into home
I hate how the back yard doesn't have dead grass
And there's no Carls Jr
I miss that as soon as it got comfortable I had to leave
And I hate how every time I visit I can't remember my way home
I hate whenever I open the fridge there's no eggnog come November
And there's not 2 Christmas trees to decorate
One day I'll stop missing home and settle into my birth state
But until then, "I'll let you break my heart again".