Writing Catalog

Max Mullady

Grade: 10

St Ignatius High School

Instructor: Kimberly Gross

Betrayal: Atop the Hierarchy of Treachery


Betrayal: Atop the Hierarchy of Treachery

It is through trust alone that you are not pulped by the weight of existence
Credence in the abstraction of chaos
Trust that hell will not manifest itself by your actions,
burning you to soot at a temperature unfairly dictated by the entropic gears of fate,
turning by the movements of particles enslaved by order
A miraculously existential tragedy
One that hones potential for light
Light which you see
Illuminating your dreams
Which you beseech not to be mirage
Your nightmares always cast by a shadow,
for they slither and sometimes fly
Coming to envelop you in a blackness that permeates the light
You desire control
But the flow of causality can freeze over,
lending you such
Now you are no skater,
you are just a man
But a bony hand helps you stand on the ice,
the owner you know not
Nevertheless you glide
You thank God,
You praise him
Then the ice cracks,
and you are plundered beneath it
Down to the abyss you are damned,
as a result of your own stupidity
You writhe in the prospect of the void
Being a subject of its will
Forged by the event of heaven meeting hell,
the wind of truth has gust toward you
It rends your construction of hope to dust, blowing it away
The wind gales onto the devil's porch,
unto hell's chimes
They shriek a terrible tune,
yet you derive order and decide open your eyes
It stings
But you see a reflection
The light has not left you
And so you arise
Is this why you cursed fate
For it being a mere puddle in which you were drowning
You then think of the ocean,
in which there are sharks.