Writing Catalog

Raven Zagata

Grade: 12

Padua Franciscan High School

Instructor: Rebecca Simna

Lego Necklace


Lego Necklace

I remember when he received it as a Christmas gift
The smile on his face was so contagious
It could brighten anyone's day
He unboxed it, slowly reading the instructions
Carefully putting the pieces together
That's how we met; me and him
He took me out of the bag to place me with the rest
He built me, then took it down
Built me, then took it down.
The last time he broke me apart, I was thrown in a bin
Lost among the seas of other pieces and parts.

I saw him grow up
Through the plastic of the bin
That got slowly pushed to the basement
I saw him through every major event.
I remember when he entered high school
He didn't enjoy it.
In fact, he hated it.
Up until senior year though,
I saw him fall in love.
I haven't seen him this happy since…
That one Christmas day.

In a random day in December
He came downstairs and started rummaging through the bin
He hasn't touched us in years
I was picked up and brought upstairs
Carefully strung on a chain
That night I met the love of his life.
I went home with him, and I stayed around his neck since day one.
This is the person that makes him happy
He makes my person happy.