Writing Catalog

George Olecki

Grade: 10

St Ignatius High School

Instructor: Kimberly Gross

The Dark Creatures

Short Story

The Dark Creatures

I slowed my breathing trying to hide from the creature looking for me. Tensing up as I hear clicking grow louder. Finally, it screeched into the cold night air and ran away allowing me to relax.

I've been running from these things that I've nicknamed the "Pests" for my entire life. These creatures have pale white skin with what seems to be night vision. Though their intelligence is something compared to a wild animal.

I took a breath of relief while getting out of the bush I was hiding inside. As soon as I got out of the bush I remembered that I had split up from my friends while running from that creature. I start to panic knowing that if I don't find my party I am almost certain not to survive. BOOM. In the distance, I hear something crash to the ground that sounded like metal. Hoping this could be my party, I started to carefully run in that direction assuming that the Pests also heard that noise.

Running through the forests I see in the distance an old factory, which I guess is what caused the noise. I slowly approach the building listening for the Pest's signature clicking noise. Right now the coast is clear so I quickly run over to the large destroyed sheet door, then quickly jump over it into the factory.

As soon as I entered the factory I said in a hushed voice "Amy? Leo? John? Are any of you here?"

I hear a noise from behind me, swiftly turning around I see a Pest coming out of the tree line but not looking in my direction. I swiftly run behind the wall looking for a possible exit and see a staircase in front of me, risky to run to because of how far I am from it. I decide to take the risk knowing I will be safer higher than the creature. I bolt to the latter making as little noise as possible then swiftly make my way up it until I reach the metal walkway. Immediately when I get up I see a human figure lying on the ground at the end of the walkway.

As I crouch and walk over to whoever is lying on the ground, I whisper "Hey, are you ok?" As soon as I said this the person slowly raises their head and I immediately recognized them as Leo.

Leo says with a weak smile, "Hey I didn't think I would see you, especially after you split up from us trying to lure away the Pests." He then immediately drops his head back down the jacket he was using as a pillow.

I asked Leo, "Where are John and Amy?"

Leo responded in a weak voice, "John is in the room behind us looking for medical supplies for my leg, Amy... she wasn't able to outrun the Pest," after a quick pause he continues saying "and that loud noise was because the Pest ran into the door and smash it, we dispatched of it quickly after it destroyed the door. Though some of the rubble landed on my foot, it is probably broken."

Click. I turned around after hearing that distinguishable noise. a Pest walks into the room and by the looks of it, they haven't spotted us yet. I turn back to Leo and say in a whisper "We gotta go, they're here." Leo nods his head as we start for the door only a few feet away when I hear something behind me. Click. I turn around swiftly throwing up my arms to protect myself from its attack. I barely get my arms up in time to stop the arm of the creature trying to swipe at me. In the second attack, I am not so lucky blocking as it slams its arm into my waist knocking me down to the floor.

I hear the door open quickly as John swings a hammer down onto the creature's head, killing it on contact. I slowly stand up, saying "Thank you, you saved my life."

John nods while saying "You're welcome, though I thought you were dead," then continues, "We gotta get out of here, before more come."

I nod my head as I stand up wincing with pain, I then help carry Leo out of the factory. The forest seems almost peaceful for now, maybe it's a good sign.