Writing Catalog

Elham Abdel Jalil

Grade: 10

Hathaway Brown School

Instructor: Beth Armstrong

What I See


What I See

I look into your eyes
Dark, unforgiving
And I see no soul
No ounce of emotion
No human being
In your coffee-colored irises

I look at your hands
Which are made to embrace
My fragile body
To wipe the tears
That roll down my cheeks
Yet I have rarely felt
The pressure of your palm
On my back
Or your fingertips on my face

I look at your hair
Which looks just like mine
Yet is drastically different
It is harsh and pin-straight
Made to be controlled
While mine is soft and wavy
And bounces as I move

I look at your mouth
Where the kisses
On my forehead
And the words of gratitude and love
Are meant to come from
Where I should see a content beam
Or even a simple grin
Yet all I see is a tight-lipped frown

I look in the mirror
At the person who loves you
Who will do anything for you
Who has sacrificed themselves
Just to please you

I see the reflection
Of a person who does not receive
What they give
Who you treat like a clear window
Transparent and non-existent
And at times
An obstacle that hinders your life
It protects and serves you
But you look the other way
Never giving it the recognition
And love
It deserves

I see someone who always said
They would take a bullet for you
But never thought
That you would be the one to shoot it