Writing Catalog

Sharon Mlecik

Grade: 12

North Royalton High School

Instructor: Stacie Leatherman




I see a child on a swing,
As she's flying to and fro,
I swear I recognize that girl,
But alas, I do not know.
I found her toys all strewn about,
A stuffed dog on the floor,
I think I had one just like that,
But where I lost him, I'm not sure.
Her best friend is imaginary,
Yet I see them clear as day,
But with time it slowly disappears,
Though I beg for it to stay.
I stopped to stare at the TV,
My eyes captured by its glow,
Because the cartoon on the screen,
Was once my favorite show.
The park where she is playing,
Is sadly there no more,
But I remember that old swingset,
Wait, have I been here before?
I recognize her laughter,
Though it seems to fade away,
But as I turn to leave,
She asks if I would like to play.
I hesitate a moment,
But soon sit down by her side,
I wish I could remember her,
But Dear God, I swear I tried.
I study her with sadness,
For her face was once my own,
That giddy child on a swing,
Who has died as I have grown.