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Mishael Williams

Grade: 10

Hathaway Brown School

Instructor: Elizabeth Armstrong

The Business Man's Heroic Tale

Short Story

The Business Man's Heroic Tale

February 9th 2022 Critical Reading and Writing The Businessman's HeroicTale

Once upon a time there was a businessman Who lived in the cruelest of land. Now you may ask, what made this 1960's world not so bright? Well, murder occured left and right! Though there wasn't a suspect in sight! And so the businessman thought, "I must be the one to lock this suspect up tight!" Ready to save this city, The businessman took off, ready to deny this man pity! And so off the businessman went to the sight of the murders To be the hero everyone dreamt! And when the man arrived, He realized just the desperate nature of the situation Now the town folk were all worked up Because they've lost their source of luck! The great Sheriff Eton has been killed! And so the town lost their detective lead! Fear not! The businessman told himself I will offer you all my help! For there is no time to sit here and welp, I will help you all with every need! For I have the experience of, if not greater than your detective lead!

Now, the businessman wasn't dumb, per se, I mean, he did know all the ways of trade! And so he took it upon himself Not to be charmed by any sort of wealth, Gold, or anything else man desires And so he made sure not to be blinded by the allure of the ex Sheriff's position, Surely, the town wouldn't accept an outsider this quickly! And so the businessman came up with a plan He would charm his way into the police's land! For as we've stated before, this man knew the tricks and the trade And so he also knew how to charm those around him, His accomplices, and especially those of old age. Even the most awkward things, he could ask them anything! He could ask about their wife's most recent funeral And when their faces dropped, he knew he had won their approval! He was so special he could make the saddest things rad! They were all just so shocked to see a man like him, and for his charm they were glad! And when he made such a remark he would walk away Knowing he would be invited over again another day! Though this hadn't happened yet with anyone he visited, He just knew that he'd charmed them so much a phone call was prohibited! They were simply unable to write out the letter That would verify their next get-together. It was just the charm that came with any old businessman, It was a natural talent, and simply unmatched! "Good thing I'm not the killer," thought the businessman, Everyone was all too trusting, and easily charmed. Unlike all of them, this businessman was above par! "Surely, if I were the killer," thought the business man, "I'd also cause a great deal of harm!" Now, I don't like to toot this man's horn, but really, he's as good as I've sworn! With a gaze as piercing as Captain Hook's, Trust me, he could call out the lies of any old crook! He wouldn't fall for this murderers little tricks, Surely, he would see through all of it. And so the man strutted through town, For he had a lot to learn this go around! He would learn as much as possible about the murderer's tactics And all the connections between their victim's lives while they lasted. Again, it was a small town! And everyone knew each other all around. The bakers, the police, and the tradesmen too All knew each other's secrets brand new. And so, only chatting it up with a few, He hoped his name wouldn't flow around And out him as new.

And while asking around he heard from the grapevine That the citizens suspected a con artist at his prime! See, all the victims had been very wealthy, But they hid their luxuriousness not as stealthily, And so they were scammed! By a man that some referred to as "Katherine," "Katrina," and some other names Who left as quickly as he came, Changing his appearance, just slightly, to continue on with his game. (And, of course, his name). Now, while the town was small, this news did not spread very fast! For the wealthy refused to mingle with those of other class. And even their own! For they had too much pride, He could almost hear the wealthy, saying, "I couldn't handle them being better than I!" They also refused to shamefully admit That they'd been tricked! By some charming man, oh it pained them to reminisce! These were mere rumors, possibly spread by the wives of those scammed. Who then ended up as victims of the murderer's plans. Pride, and being easily charmed, the businessman understood, Could knock a man under, and it would! Now, the businessman had devised a plan, He would pose himself as a wealthy man!

While, yes, he was one himself, He opted out of bringing his own items of wealth Say, it was a new town, he was an easy target! His valuables would just end up right back on the market. Of course, no one would dare threaten the businessman, He was too tough and smart to be the victim of some killer's plan! And so he had no worry about this surge In regard to him, at least, he would be no victim in this killer's purge. And while the police had already put all this together, They knew that they were the most expected go-getters. This, the businessman could use to his advantage, For no one even knew he'd existed in this area of the planet. And so he could help serve the police To bring this man to his defeat! So when The Businessman got these few townsfolk to speak He made sure he got his sketch of the suspect quite neat! Did I also mention that this man is an artiste? Oh, is there anything he can't complete? Anyway, off with the sketch he went! For the wives of these men Were the only ones who could describe him again. He now possessed a general image of this man, Who was terrorizing the citizens of this land. He would use this to get his way with the police For they had failed to do this deed. And he assumed it was because maybe They were intimidating to the people indeed. Now, the man had quite long hair, Down to his chest! But yet his face was quite bare. Unlike his neck, bearing a diamond so sharp it could cause a tear! And jewelry too, the wives stated, dangling from his ears! Thick eyelashes and mascara, free from any tears. All of this was uncommon for a man at the time, And so the businessman thought all this supported The fact that this man was truly deranged! And so when a witness offered her hand In taking him to where the previous murder occured He put all of his trust into her! For it had to be a man, not a woman who committed these crimes! And she surely didn't look murderous, not at the time. And when the businessman took a look at his sketch on the way over, He just so happened to notice that she had not looked a minute older than the sketch! And her hair was in a similar way kept, With a diamond-encrusted necklace hanging around her neck, Complemented by the earrings that held on to her ears. Caught up in all the suspense, he followed her to the site of the murders, Where the house was empty And the wife had grieved plenty. Too much so to stay in town! The murder just continued to drag her down. And so, rumor had it, she fled the town! So there they were, in a rural part of the area, Where the now deceased wealthy man's home was practically touching the town's barrier Now, the home was surrounded in caution tape, But that didn't stop him from entering through the gate! The lady neither, for she had led him here! And so they went inside And with investigation on his mind The businessman didn't even think twice When the sweet woman pulled out a knife! He assumed she had made a replica of the one found at this very crime! And so when she stepped closer to him he didn't even try To run or find a place to hide. But there he also noticed That there were specks of blood on what she was holding! And then he realized it was the real thing! She knew, just like him, that she couldn't go running to the police for help. She wasn't hiding the weapon, just using it for her own investigation! He thought she would let him hold the very thing himself! "Finally!" he exclaimed, "someone smart, like me, to solve this with!" And then she stabbed him with her knife! And suddenly the whole world went white; He had been defeated by this man alright. He knew the crime would nearly be solved by The Businessman, and so he had to go! Oh, in these last moments he was flattered! He was so great he had the murderer;s mind scattered. And after almost getting caught completely, The murderer had no choice but to kill Sheriff Eton And dress as a woman, so no one would seek him! It was then that he realized what he might've been doing, Helping wives by performing this wrongdoing! When their wealthy husbands would die They needed not cry, for there was money in sight! And so this man helped move the process along, And then the wives could flee and be gone. In return the man would take a valuable from the home, A trophy from the crime, that's what he was owed. Then the town never heard of a murder again, They all hoped and assumed he'd stopped killing all these men!