Writing Catalog

De'Shawn Frederick

Grade: 10

Cleveland School of the Arts

Instructor: Carolyn Thornton

just a hopeless romantic


just a hopeless romantic

impish eros
a matchmaker peeking from beyond the clouds arranged this,
slowly stealing the cracked pieces of this broken clock sitting in my chest; sin
cut off your hand and place it in mine,
or take my hand and spin with it,
on a few occasions i found myself wandering inside of your eyes
and i don't believe in love at first sight, so i looked twice

final act: love
your seraphic spins and twirls,
from the moment we exchanged glances my soul has remained by your side.
peak out of your shell once more while we race along with my heart.
you remain on stage,
i admire you
as you glide my heart ventures to its designated location;
the star performer,

easter island
introduce me your to dreams,
where roses bloom out of clouds even though the ground is frozen,
where the ice reaches for the blazing sun; these oppugnant beliefs.
occasionally the sunset brings light to dim minds,
stripped of freedom because of your nightmares,
i wonder what lingers inside you,
hiding your hand with another hand; even cards,

the decline
remind me to wake up when you step away,
even in your absence i can feel the butterflies you tamed frolicing in my stomach,
i've always had a good amount of control in my life,
but this time i was pushed off balance,
i think i'm falling in love,
please don't try to catch me; your arms are broken

escape artist
no matter how many times you leave,
my dense mind forges an image of you; unforgettable,
sometimes i kill the time by fidgeting with past scenarios we found ourselves in,
and i still dwell in this empty box of commitment you made your way out of.
now every door of opportunity i see involving you i notice my mind shying away,
but then I can hear my heart knocking again,