Writing Catalog

Mia Schmidt

Grade: 11

Cleveland School of the Arts

Instructor(s): Brittainy Quinn, Elizabeth Telich, Cari Thornton

Pulling Tides


Pulling Tides

My soul looks upon its river
A river of many tides
Tides pulling my back
Back to the time of wonder
Taking tolls and pulling me under
Underneath the water, filled with my past
Drowning in sorrow but never looking back
Then comes a new stream
The stream pulls me forth
Strong currents whip at my feet
Filled with excitement and hope
But waves swirl
A fear of forgetting
My past connections left in the tide
Hidden and swept forever under the water
I miss drowning
But I long for air
A lost perception of what I need
Because so many currents pull at my feet

How can one long for a time
But forget what it brought
How can one see the lost
But forget what it once was
The soul peers under the surface
The water filled with life
A past charged with a current
Which pulls and takes and breaks
A current that makes so many mistakes

How can one long for the pull
but forget what it takes