Writing Catalog

Evelyn Ray

Grade: 11

Bay Village High School

Instructor: Erin Beirne

this path we follow


this path we follow

i still feel you there sometimes, usually late on cold nights,
footfalls filling my mind,
my brain with your scrapping, dragging feet
marking a path
i shouldn't follow because
i don't trust you
i can't trust you
i am afraid, so afraid
walking the edge of the curb
arms outstretched
reaching out
on one side
shoelaces scrape
the unforgiving concrete
and the other
fingertips brush the
endless rush of cars
daring my fall

i just want to find an island
i just need a take a break

but you're there, you're always there
whether it be a voice
carried on the end
of the screeching wind or a shadow
just beyond the pupil
of my eye
and i wish i could say
i could shout
all that fills my brain
because we're following along this dangerous path
and i am afraid.
i am so