Writing Catalog

Abigail Clayton

Grade: 9

Laurel School

Instructor: Kate Webb

Dear Maya Angelou


Dear Maya Angelou

Dear Maya Angelou,
I'm trying to stay strong, but how did you become strong?
Wind still heaves frigidly with injustice within its grasp
A lot has changed.
On the contrary,
There is now awareness of the injustices you faced
I myself am still learning how to better rise
I am learning how to carry myself with your pride
To stand my ground and remain resilient just as you wrote
With every stroke of my pen, I try to voice the power you fought for
I admire your louding voice, which still echoes today
I try to follow, but the world is not yet ready for me,
I follow your example and make my voice known
I can hear your voice still through modern poets
Your echo will always remain;
So tell me, how do I still rise?