Writing Catalog

Audrey Sutter

Grade: 12

St Joseph Academy

Instructor: Jon Pelegano




Look into the sea
The crystal sea
Clearer than a sparkling mirror

Light blue eyes
With a diamond shine
And sight that could be better

Look over to the hills
The bumbling hills
Farther than a wandering mind

Elevated thoughts
With crafted decisions
But still a child inside

Look through waves
The rocking waves
Rhythm that cheches the eyes

Enchanting voice
With poor word choice
Yet commands sure to be followed

Now look to the willow tree
The withering willow tree
Sharing more than should be told

Roughened bark
With leaves protecting its core
Though its roots reach far and wide

Now looking deeper than the surface
Where do they meet?
In a place?
Through a person?
Or something in between?
A green little creature
A frog living freely
A path made by one

The frog will jump from place to place,
the sea,
riding the waves,
jumping the hills,
and laying in the tree;
Yet not more important than the others.