Writing Catalog

Lily Porter

Grade: 8

Lakewood Catholic Academy

Instructor: Mary-Kate Begin

The Sounds of A Forest


The Sounds of A Forest

The birds create a melodic crescendo
that echoes off the intricate designs of the trees' trunks
You hear the scuffling of chipmunks as they scurry into a log
And the acorns as they tumble down
a hillside through the fallen leaves
The wind rustles the leaves throughout the forest
their voices tells you to hush
To feel the noises of their forest in every part of you
Let them take over and feel detached from
all the crowded business of the sounds outside their sanctuary
You hear the trickles of water in the small creek
it weaves up and down and over and under the rocks and moss
It doesn't see them as obstacles, but more as pit stops in its journey
The rocks allow it to rest for just a moment
and then continue the trek until it reaches the unknown destination
You hear one last thing before the forest releases you back to realization;
You hear your own breathing
It is steady and quiet
You become aware of the calmness the woods have given you
You allow yourself one last moment of stillness and then let it slowly fade