Writing Catalog

Zoe Kittredge

Grade: 11

Mayfield High School

Instructor: Kari Beery

Scarred Wounds Never Heal

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Scarred Wounds Never Heal

Clutching my right arm, I inch my way down the stairs. Everything's been a chore lately... With every passing day, it grows more visible.. I slip my mask over my face, I don't need people staring more than they usually do.

I was getting outside, and walking past all the normal kids. Seeing them experience life is almost like a movie. It seems so fake. People turn to look at me. Faces were contorting into mixtures of shame or disgust. "I hear that they attacked their daughter" "Oh but, I heard he wastes away in his home, nothing about a daughter" "Haven't you noticed he's gloomy all the time? I've seen his car around the cemetery. But he hasn't been there in a few years.."

I sigh, trying to ignore most other dorm residents' meaningless chatter. I don't care if they talk. I stare blankly at the floor, once again staring at my right arm as I peel the sleek silky fabric of my shirt from my skin, pulling it higher, to reveal the bain of my existence. The bold and mysterious ink swirling over my forearm. The harder I stare at it the more the image feeds into my anger. The image of a golden glaive creasing my skin. The image itself wouldn't be too jarring, in a place like this tattoos are common. And yet to me, it's a symbol of regret, pain, and tragedy. It's the reason they are gone. This took them from me. And the cursed blade is etched upon my skin. A jarring reminder of misdeeds and waste of human life. I grunt under my breath as I walk down the grimy dirt path of the cemetery. Four years ago I promised I'd never set foot here again, yet here I am. I sat in between two gravestones, situating myself and looking at the dirt covering the one buried below. My daughter... I stare at the wording engraved on the stone. "Young one beloved, A blossoming young life taken too soon., Daughter, and Friend. May she rest in peace." I curled my hand into a fist, growling lowly. "This shouldn't have happened. Not to you..." "You didn't deserve this" "If only I'd gotten there sooner.." My breaths become shallow and crisp, as my chest tightens. My hand tightened into a fist. I reeled my arm back plunging my fist into the grass A gaping hole in the dirt was revealed.

I slid back almost out of shock. What had moments ago been a simple hole in the ground had become revealing of a golden glaive. The exact sword I had grown to hate.

I picked it up and examined it. Eh, it's in good shape, I could pawn this off… Better to just get rid of it after all.. This wasn't in good hands last time.. I took the fastest possible way to a neighborhood about 2 miles down, slid into an alleyway and waited.

After 15 minutes a kid about 12 years old found himself next to me. "Do you need something ?" I asked impatiently, tapping my foot. The kid trembled, staring at me. I huffed out. "Whatever. Take it." I slid the glaive into his hands and made my commute back home to forget this nonsense. At least the glaive is gone now..

Hours later as I lay in bed watching some tv show, the news clicks on. I sit up, surprised. The news mentioned some new heroes. Getting a better look, I realized who it was. That kid I'd met just hours ago was some superhero deal now?! I walked up to the tv to get a closer look Staring into his eyes I noticed something I recognized. The same gaze as the one who ended my daughter. Flashes of that night played before my eyes "Daddy..! Daddy help…!"

"I'm sorry. But your daddy.. isn't coming. And now.. . In Niro's name. You.. shall.. die.." The purple hue of the glaive brightened. Raising the weapon and then— "Emma!—-"

My face contorted in rage as I flung my fist into the Tv screen, shattered glass scattering everywhere. "NO!. NO. NO. NO!" "This can't be!" "This guy doesn't get to be a big deal!" The tv only seemed to get louder, announcing the new "hero" "Oh niro? He's so great! He's one of the greatest heroes we've seen!" "Niro! He can handle everything and anything!" "Niro! Niro! Niro!" "How did he get his name?" "Oh! Chosen after his Father" In a bout of anger. I ran out into the city, with a weapon of sorts I constructed. "Hear me! and hear me well!" " For I am Zenon! Righter of Wrongs, Voice of the innocent, and those who's go unspoken!" "And I am here to End Niro's solemn attempt at heroism, for his intent is drenched in deceit!" I grinned to myself Now they'll all know what a mistake it was to allow Niro to rise to fame. He didn't deserve it Word of my speach passed around like wildfire and it wasnt too long until i met the little pest in person. "Well... Well.. Well.. If it isnt the little Delinquent." His blank stare at me urged me to continue. "You know, i can't stay long. I kinda have a plot against you to inact." His once confused stare, morphed into a expression of deep seated anger "I won't let you get away with this Zenon. You claim to be a Vessel for unspoken voices and yet, here you are silencing me." I chuckled "Oh? and what gave you the idea that you could stop me?" I noticed his demeanor change then. He went from a child in an act, to fierce, brutish, unforgiving. "You're the one with a flimsy weapon.. at best" I could feel the rage emanating from his body. There it goes again.. I stared at the blade in his hands. "Zenon. If I were you. I'd. Step. Back." He stepped towards me only slightly. As if warning me. "Temper now.. Niro." I noticed the glow starting to flicker to life. The look of hatred, and malice being born in his eyes. "You have no idea who you're dealing with. If you were smart. You wouldn't be correcting me. You wouldn't even engage in this fight." With my back pressed against a nearby building's wall. I looked him straight in the face. "I'll take my chances. What have I left to lose?" As if on cue, that was when I felt the wretched glaive pierce my skin. My breath's staggered slightly.. "That.. all you got?" I managed to pull enough strength to push my leg forward, enough to surprise him. Landing a blow to his chest. He chuckled. Almost as if that did nothing to him. The glow of the glaive intensified in brightness, as well as the engravings starting to mirror the glow of the blade itself. I took the one chance of his pausing to run. As I ran I heard him taunting me. My arm dripping blood from the wound he made "Pathetic isn't it?" "This is all you can say for yourself! You are weak.!" After leading him into dense woods. The race was on. I dove into some bushes trying to steady my breaths. With the limited time I had. "I can end your pain, Zenon" A shot fired in the distance. Echoing in my ears "I know you're bleeding out there. Why not add a few more gashes to the bunch eh?" Another shot. I covered my mouth with my hands After slowly inching to an upward position. A leaf crunched under my foot. I cursed under my breath "Hah! A fatal flaw Zenon. Don't make a sound." Laughter erupted through the trees, bouncing off the bark, and being carried through the wind. Heavy fast paced footsteps advanced towards me. As Niro went for a second attack his blade was met with my own weapon. The Metal clashing and making him recoil at the sudden impact. I partied his attack, aiming for his waist. I felt a rush of wind go past Darn it.. he dodged me. An attack on my right, I barely missed the blade. Luckily with a reflex I moved quickly. An attack on the left. And suddenly my back is slammed against a tree, my body slumped to the floor. "You should have heeded my warning Zenon.. it didn't have to end this way."

I felt a sting in my leg, watching as a gash formed on it after impact from the glaive. Niro leaned in closer, stepping his foot on my waist. Pressing me down further. "Any last words?" I took in a breath. "Just.. one." I felt my body starting to go limp, or numb. I couldn't tell which. All I remember was the glaive being plunged into my chest. I used all the strength I could muster to grab the glaive from him "Checkmate." I clenched the blade into the bark behind my back, dulling it. Then maneuvered it blasting it with a throw into the metal of my weapon lay discarded next to me. With the weak density of the metal in the blade. The strength of the blast shattered it. My head fell as my body slumped into the grass bleeding out. I felt my eyes getting heavy. I looked at Niro wearily I saw tears in his eyes He moved frantically, desperately trying to stop the pooling and gushing blood from my body. "No… no… wait… Zenon … Hang on.. I- I'll get help..!" My eyes lidded. Strength draining from my limbs, upper and lower body. "It's too late for me.." I looked at the shattered glaive, the purple hue it used to emanate proudly reduced to nothingness. The blade pieces are almost microscopic. "Live on for me.. okay? You've earned a second chance.. you.. weren't… yourself.. free now…" My voice begun to fade as my breathing slowed My heart's rhythmic beats slowly decreased

"No… Z-Zenon don't say that! H-Hey open your eyes!" Niro's lip quivered as tears welled up in his eyes. His voice choked up. Sobbing, he spoke. "What.. have I done.." The last look Niro saw on Zenons face and aura he radiated. Was the rushing overwhelming feeling of peace. And acceptance. All the rage now a distant memory.