Writing Catalog

Noel Ullom

Grade: 12

Hathaway Brown School

Instructor: Elizabeth Armstrong

The Poem / the Girl / that Bleeds Dried Blood


The Poem / the Girl / that Bleeds Dried Blood

I once asked her / if the stains remained / after they'd been bleached // if the laughing child / if She
who had spilled on her dress / can learn to laugh again // I prayed / may the red that settles in /
dry as She has planned it // She / who knows no scolding / She / who knows no falling / She
/ who knows no pain // She has promised herself / it is only a drop / She has promised herself /
it flaunts white // Red has no home / here / Red has no name / here / Red has forgotten / here / lives
a woman // a lady draped in silks / capturing the light / and refusing to give it back / a girl /
who has forgotten youth / still lives in color // still lives // that She / will still live

The Man Below the Moon

Dramatic Script

The Man Below the Moon

SCOTT, a 13-15 year old boy and LILY's older brother.
LILY, a 9-11 year old girl and SCOTT's younger sister.
DAD, father to both SCOTT and LILY.
MOM, mother to both SCOTT and LILY.
GRANDPA, grandfather to both SCOTT and LILY and father to DAD.

The scene opens in the dark with the sound of static starting softly and getting louder and louder until LILY lights a candle, and lights go up dimly to reveal a dark children's bedroom.

SCOTT: What are you doing? Dad said it's dangerous to light those in here. You could burn-

LILY: Scott?

SCOTT: What? Where'd you even find a lighter?

LILY: Scott, I can't sleep.

SCOTT: Just try.

LILY: I can't.

SCOTT: Just try!

LILY: I can't!

SCOTT: Lily… God, what do you want me to do tonight? Fight some monster? Close a door?

LILY: No, I just-

SCOTT: What is it? You heard a footstep? The closet door's cracked open?

LILY: Scott-

SCOTT: I'm not turning on a light tonight, no way… while you're at it please blow out that candle-

LILY: Scott!

SCOTT: What is it?!

LILY: I see a window.

SCOTT: (beat) What.

LILY: I see a window.

SCOTT: You haven't noticed the window for the last three years we've slept here?

LILY: There's a new one.

SCOTT: Go to sleep, Lily.

LILY: I'm serious, there's a new one!

SCOTT: What are you talking about?

LILY: Look for yourself, there's another one. It glows!

SCOTT: What?

SCOTT begins getting out of bed, but stops when DAD suddenly enters and turns on the lights.

SCOTT and LILY: (surprised by the light) Gah!

DAD: What are you two still doing up?

SCOTT: Sorry, Dad… we were just trying to sleep.

DAD: I heard voices.

SCOTT: Yeah 'cause Lily wouldn't stop talking.

LILY: Hey!

DAD: It doesn't matter, both of you should be asleep by now. I let you stay up later than usual already so please… (realizing) Oh, you guys… are you having trouble sleeping?

SCOTT: No, we're okay, Dad.

DAD: Are you sure? You can be honest with me, if you ever need to talk about-

SCOTT: We're fine.

LILY: About what?

DAD: About feeling sad.

SCOTT retreats back to bed.

LILY: What about it?

DAD: If you ever want to talk about it, that's all.

LILY: Oh, well… I've been sad without him. Really sad.

DAD: Me too.

SCOTT: Please not now, I'm trying to sleep.

DAD: (to LILY) We'll talk later, honey. Get some rest for now.

DAD leaves and turns off the light. Dim lighting and the candle still reveal the children lying in the dark. There are a few moments of silence.

LILY: (whispering) The candle's still on.

SCOTT: It is.

LILY: (thinking) I don't really wanna turn it off.

SCOTT: We have to sleep, Lily.

LILY: But the window's scaring me.

SCOTT: Ugh, okay. Let me see.

SCOTT gets up again, and looks out to see from her viewpoint.

SCOTT: What are you talking about?

LILY: The reflection.

SCOTT: Reflection?

LILY: It looks like a reflection. On the window of the house next to us. A reflection of light coming from a window from our house.

SCOTT: Lily, please just go to bed.

LILY: Look, Scott! It looks like it's a window from upstairs.

SCOTT: I don't think we even have another upstairs. At least I've never seen it.

LILY: Exactly!

SCOTT goes silent for a moment, then looks again.

SCOTT: Maybe… you know what? I bet it's just reflected light from the candle.

SCOTT blows the candle out, and lights go off.

The static sound returns in the dark, but this time it is slightly less staticy. We can tell there may be a voice speaking, but we still cannot tell what it is trying to say.

LILY lights a candle, and lights go up dimly to reveal a dark children's bedroom.

LILY: Scott?

SCOTT: Not again!

LILY: You know what you said last night?

SCOTT: What?

LILY: That the window's probably just reflected candle light?

SCOTT: Exactly, so just leave it alone. (beat, then jokingly) Unless… are you scared of it?

LILY: No, I-

SCOTT: I think you're scared of it.

LILY: No! But look! It's not the candle.

SCOTT, making it clear that he does so unwillingly, gets up from under his covers and joins LILY by the window. He examines the light, then, seeing as she might be right, holds up the candle to the window to confirm it.

SCOTT: Where…?

LILY: I told you!

SCOTT: No, but what window of ours would the light be coming from?

LILY: I don't know!

SCOTT: You don't know?

LILY: How would I know?

SCOTT: Just… I don't get it!

LILY: I don't either but it's cool!

SCOTT backs away from the window.

SCOTT: Let's just go to bed. Please.

LILY: Right now? But this is a mystery we gotta solve!

SCOTT: Not now, Lily. Maybe later.

LILY: Ugh… fine.

LILY continues staring out as SCOTT covers himself again in sheets, until:

LILY: Scott! Look! Look!

SCOTT: Are you kidding?

LILY: I'm serious, look!

SCOTT hesitantly returns to her side.

SCOTT: Who is…?!

LILY: I know right?

SCOTT picks up LILY and swings her onto his own bed across the room.

LILY: Woah! What the heck?

SCOTT: Stay there.

LILY: But-

SCOTT: Stay there!

SCOTT sneaks up to the window and anxiously studies what he sees.

SCOTT: (scared) Nope.

LILY: Nope?

SCOTT: Who is that?

LILY: A man in the reflection?

SCOTT: Well I got that.

LILY: Well then, what don't you get?

SCOTT: (beat) Is he in our house then?

LILY: Maybe. I guess so.

SCOTT: You guess so?

LILY: Well, I don't know! What does it matter if he's all the way up there?

SCOTT: Lily! He could just be a staircase away!


SCOTT: We don't know him!

LILY: And? He could be nice. It sounds to me like you're scared of him.

SCOTT: I am not, but-

LILY: But you are.

SCOTT: (outburst) Lily, I am not! Stop acting like a little girl!

LILY sits in shock for a moment, then lets out muffled cries.

SCOTT: Oh Lily, I didn't mean-

LILY: Yeah, you did.

SCOTT: (approaching her) Lily-

LILY shoves him away.

LILY: I'm sleeping with MOM and DAD tonight.

SCOTT: Lily, would you just…

LILY exits, and SCOTT stands in the center of the room for a little while. He does not look out at the window again, and eventually blows out the candle.

The static sound returns in the dark, but this time it is less staticy than the last. We can tell there may be a voice speaking, but not what it is trying to say.

A streak of moonlight appears through the window, and SCOTT is revealed sitting on LILY's bed and looking out the window.

SCOTT: (motioning to the window) Even he left me alone. Great. I didn't mean to… ugh! Whatever. It's not my fault what they do or don't do. I'll just wait. (beat) But wait for what? For Lily to stop being mad at me? For that man to come back? Why has she gotten so attached to him? It's not like he's our friend or anything… but Lily thinks so. Just because he showed up at the right time. (beat) Does she see him as a replacement for…? No. No, Grandpa left us at the right time, not the wrong time. (beat) Either way, the "right time" has torn me away from everything I love much more than it's ever fixed anything. I need to find Lily now.

SCOTT starts making his way to the door but suddenly hears LILY's footsteps.


SCOTT jumps into his bed and immediately pretends to be in a deep sleep (with particularly loud snores) as LILY opens the door.

LILY: Yuck. Well, don't worry Scott, I won't disturb you tonight.

LILY goes to her bed, sits, and looks out the window.

LILY: Aw. Come back. Pleaaaase? (beat) I know it might've been scary, but my brother didn't mean to make me upset. I promise. He's just a teen; they're stupid sometimes. But I hope you're not upset. I was for a little while, but I'm better now. I missed him too much to be away for two nights.

As LILY continues speaking, SCOTT silently picks up the toy airplane that sits on his nightstand and approaches LILY.

LILY: You might miss us too much if you don't come back. I know what it feels like to be scared, especially about someone else. But my MOM told me it always gets better, even if you have to get better without the person you started with. You can take your time. I understand. Just please come back.

SCOTT: (replicating a plane liftoff off LILY's back) Vroom…

LILY: Ah! Scott, I thought you were asleep!

SCOTT: Clear for takeoff!

LILY: (laughing) You woke up for that?

SCOTT: I guess so!

LILY: (playfully) What a loser.

SCOTT: Hey! At least I'm not talking to a window.

LILY: Mhm. (beat) You did kinda sound like him, though.


LILY: Like Grandpa.


LILY: (beat) I didn't mean to make you sad.

SCOTT: Oh no, you didn't.

LILY: I just thought it was kinda cool. It's like you can bring him back when you talk.

SCOTT: Yeah, that's cool. (beat) And a lot.

LILY: A lot?

SCOTT: The responsibility of bringing him back is a lot to handle.

LILY: Well, I didn't mean you choose when to bring him back. I just meant he still speaks through you. (beat) Did that sound creepy?

SCOTT: No, it didn't. I needed that. Thank you. (beat) I just wish I had more of him than his voice. I wish I had his bravery too.

LILY: You do.

SCOTT: No… at the first sight of that man in the window I almost peed my pants.

LILY: But you didn't.

SCOTT: (considers this) I guess not. But I also… I also kinda wish we had that recording.

LILY: The recording? You want that?

SCOTT: Yeah. It's the last memory we have of him. (beat) Getting ready for liftoff!

LILY: I couldn't listen to it without crying.

SCOTT: Before… before the crash, of course. Right before he was going to sell the jet too.

LILY: (beat) Was he too brave?

SCOTT: I don't like to think about it that way. I just like remembering he died doing what he loved.

LILY: True. (beat) Where do you think the recording is?

SCOTT: With DAD, probably. He was using the device to talk to him before the flight. But still, sometimes I dream about it, even if it's fuzzy and hard to make out. Sometimes I hear it, even though I've never heard it. Maybe that's enough.

LILY: Woah, so you hear him and talk like him?

MOM knocks at the door.

LILY: Who is it?

MOM: Mom.

LILY: Come in!

MOM enters.

MOM: Hey! So you two are made up?

LILY: Oh, we're way past that.

MOM: Oh good. So what're you guys chatting about now?

LILY looks to SCOTT for permission to tell MOM, but doesn't get it.

LILY: Mmm… life. (beat, then to fill the awkward silence) And death.

SCOTT and LILY flinch; they both know LILY had made it obvious.

MOM: Oh, you guys…

SCOTT: Stop.

MOM: Come here…

SCOTT: Stop! Seriously, stop!

The three of them share a moment of awkward silence.

LILY: Remember what you said about bravery?

SCOTT turns to face the window.

LILY: (changing topic) Mom, where was Dad last night?

MOM: Oh, just taking care of some things.

SCOTT: (suddenly intrigued) Taking care of things?

MOM: Yes, just checking up on something. Now, let's get into bed-

SCOTT: (beat) What kind of things?

MOM: Something that means a lot to him. Really, though, let's get to bed-

SCOTT and LILY share a moment of realization.

SCOTT: Does he have the recording?

MOM: (surprised) How do you know about that?

SCOTT: I heard you and Dad talking about it.

LILY: (proudly) And Scott told me!

SCOTT: Where is he putting it?

MOM: A part of the house we don't really live in. He wants it to be private.

LILY: Ew, in the garage?

MOM shrugs.

MOM: I can't say. (seeing her children's disappointment) But everyone mourns in their own way. We have to give Dad space too.

SCOTT: (considers this) I just wish I could hear him again.

MOM: I know. But you don't really need a recording to hear him, do you? In fact, I'd say your voice reminds me a lot of him.

LILY: Hey, I said that too!

MOM ruffles SCOTT's hair.

LILY: I just wish I could see him again.

SCOTT takes LILY's hand. They share a moment, and LILY looks out at the window.

LILY: Look! He's back!

SCOTT: Where?

LILY: (jokingly) Where do you think?

MOM: Who?

LILY: A man! He's been visiting us.

MOM, frightened by this description, hurries to the window and lets out a relieved sigh when she sees what LILY means.

MOM: Oh. Well that's just-

LILY: Grandpa?!

MOM and SCOTT: What?

LILY: It's probably Grandpa, isn't it? He kinda looks like him!

MOM: Well…

MOM considers correcting her, but she decides against it.

MOM: Probably.

As LILY continues speaking, SCOTT and MOM share a moment of understanding of who the man truly is: SCOTT and LILY's father.

LILY: Of course he came back! He probably knows we missed him too much. I bet he wants to look over us from up there.

SCOTT: Lily-


SCOTT looks at MOM, but MOM shakes her head.

SCOTT: I… I bet he's okay that we missed him. I think he wanted to come back to let you see him again.

LILY: You think so?


LILY jumps into SCOTT's arms. They remain like this for a few moments. MOM eventually joins the embrace.

MOM: I think so too. But you see that?

LILY: See what?

SCOTT: The moon?

MOM: Yes, the moon. Its light only showers us like this occasionally. Same with Grandpa's gaze. Someday he's going to fly up to the moon and beyond.

LILY: And beyond?!

MOM: Yes, beyond.

LILY: Where's beyond?

MOM: I don't know. But what I do know is all I'll ever need to: now he can fly and keep flying until the stars become his new neighbors.

LILY: And we can look up and find him!

MOM: Exactly. But for now, let's take our grief one step at a time.

LILY continues looking out the window as MOM leads SCOTT to his bed and pulls the covers over him.

MOM: (whispering) Thank you for your bravery.

MOM strokes SCOTT's forehead. SCOTT does not resist.

LILY: I'll always love Grandpa no matter where he is.

MOM: Me too. But he'll always be with us; he lives in both of you. In your curiosity, your love, your strength… but even the strongest of us all need to rest. I think it's time we do too.

SCOTT: Love you, Mom.

LILY: Love you!

MOM: I love you both too. Good night, my wonderful children.

LILY: Good night!

SCOTT: Good night. (whispering across the room) Love you, Lily.

LILY: (whispering) Love you, Scott.

MOM shuts the window curtains and lights go out.

The audio is now played clearly in the dark, with DAD and GRANDPA's voices heard in the recording.

DAD: Ready, Dad?

GRANDPA: Ready as I'll ever be. (beat) You know, I'm gonna miss this old thing.

DAD: Well, you're sellin' it.

GRANDPA: (chuckling) I know, I know, it's just I'll miss flying you and the kids in it.

DAD: Yeah, me too. But hey, the sun's out and you got a nice clear sky ahead of you for your last flight.

GRANDPA: True! True.

DAD: Let me ask again: ready, Dad?

GRANDPA: Clear for takeoff.


Wind Blows

Dramatic Script

Wind Blows

GRACE, a teenage girl who lives to prove her strength and fight to the end, even if it never comes.
NOAH, a teenage boy who lives for words and art and finding them in odd places, even where they can never be found.

Wind blows. Lights are fighting to stay alive. It feels as though there is nothing here. Nothing left.

GRACE: (from off stage) Hello? Hello?

GRACE enters.

GRACE: God, hello? Anyone? Hello?

GRACE crosses and exits. A pause.

NOAH: (from off stage) What the hell?

NOAH enters.

NOAH: Is anyone… here?

He looks around side to side, up and down, maybe even knocks on the stage.

NOAH: Okay then…

NOAH crosses and exits. GRACE enters.

GRACE: Jesus. Anyone! Please! I'm right here!

GRACE crosses and exits. NOAH enters cautiously, almost tip-toeing.

NOAH: Okay, okay. (beat) If you're out there… show yourself!

NOAH waits for a response, but gets none.

NOAH: If you're out there, I promise I'm harmless!

Again gets no response, and becomes slightly agitated.

NOAH: Well. If you're out there, you're a coward.

A boom is heard in the distance, and NOAH lets out a squeal and scurries off stage. GRACE enters from the opposite side of the stage, walking backwards.

GRACE: God, I can barely see! Hello?

NOAH enters, shivering and backing up unknowingly towards GRACE.


NOAH and GRACE bump into each others' backs; both scream and then take a breath.

GRACE and NOAH: (relieved) Hi.

NOAH: Where did you come from?

GRACE: I could ask you the same thing.

NOAH: I… same place as you, I guess?

GRACE: And where's that?

NOAH: Dust? Rubble? Dark?

GRACE: Hm. I guess so.

NOAH: Was there somewhere you were headed?

GRACE: Me? Oh no, just… searching.

NOAH nods thoughtfully, and sits.

NOAH: Well, unfortunately for both of us, me too.

GRACE: Okay. beat Then stand up.

NOAH: What?

GRACE: Stand up! This isn't the end of the road, is it?

NOAH: I mean… look around…

GRACE: Stand up!

NOAH: Okay, okay.

NOAH stands.

NOAH: Now what?

GRACE: We search. Follow me.

GRACE begins walking, but NOAH is hesitant. He does not follow yet.

GRACE: I have a feeling we'll find someplace soon. We can't be far from- are you coming?

NOAH: Where are you going?

GRACE: To find someplace to stop.

NOAH: And where is that? Do you know where you're going?

GRACE: Of course not, but-

NOAH: Then of course I'm not following. (he sits again) We can rest right here. I need it.

GRACE: I hope you realize you look scared.

NOAH attempts to respond but GRACE continues.

GRACE: I hope you realize you look like you can't survive a day here. (seeing she has genuinely offended NOAH) I just… I believe there is a reason we may still be alive. And if there's not, then it's our responsibility to keep trying. The ones we loved can't. I'm sure you had some of those.

NOAH: (beat) Yeah. One.

GRACE: Then get up. For them.

NOAH stands.

GRACE: And no one gets to sit for a long time until-

Time seems to cut her off, as the lights go out and time passes, and then the lights go up again to reveal GRACE and NOAH sitting center stage back-to-back, almost asleep.

NOAH: Until… we both realize we're headed nowhere.

GRACE: Shut up.

NOAH: Just trying to help.

GRACE gives NOAH a look.

NOAH: What? I'm serious. (beat) Look… I just met you. But you seem to love trying.

GRACE: Love trying?

NOAH: Yes, and-

GRACE: How can I love doing something I just need to do to survive?

NOAH: Well, I think that's why you love it. That's why you won't let go of it. (beat) But there's another way to do this.

GRACE: And what's that?

NOAH: Waiting.

GRACE: Jesus.

NOAH: I'm serious.

GRACE: Are you? Are you really? (beat) Look, I feel bad getting angry with you without even knowing your name.

NOAH: Noah.

GRACE: Okay then, listen, Noah. (stands) We're stuck in the middle of the wasteland of what we used to call Earth. What we used to call Riverside. What we used to call-

NOAH: I know.

GRACE: Home. And you…

NOAH: And I… have accepted it.

GRACE considers this, hesitantly, and surrenders back to her seated position.

NOAH: I know… how you're feeling though. Is there really anything to accept when the "anything" means nothing?

GRACE: (beat) What… What was your "something"? Before?


GRACE: What kept you going I guess?

NOAH: (gesturing) Before…?

GRACE: Yeah, before.

NOAH: Honestly, I didn't even know. I was still trying to figure that out myself. (beat) I wrote a little though! And acted a little… whatever I could do to make the world feel more like itself. Or create something more.

GRACE: This must be hell for you then.

NOAH: Yeah, I guess it is. (beat) Or maybe it's not. I don't know. I mean, I loved making art because I felt like the world wasn't revealing itself enough. Now, though… either it's in desperate need of all the creation it could get, or it's revealed itself too much.


NOAH: And what about you? (playfully) What were your passions, your goals, your dreams?

GRACE: (amused, then thoughtful) Were?

NOAH: What?

GRACE: Nothing, it's just you said "were."

NOAH: (gesturing) Well, I mean…

A boom is heard in the distance, followed by NOAH's squeal and scurry to hide behind GRACE.

NOAH: What was that?

GRACE: Shhh.

GRACE and NOAH sit, listening. Nothing more is heard.

NOAH: Don't tell me you want to go find what it is…

GRACE: (beat) No. We'll wait here.

NOAH: Oh, alright! Well, as I was saying-

GRACE: Maybe we should build something.

NOAH: I'm sorry?

GRACE: Maybe we should build something. To protect ourselves?

NOAH: Like, construct something?

GRACE: Yes, like "construct" something. Look!

GRACE spots a branch, picks it up, and proudly gazes at it. NOAH watches behind her, concerned.

NOAH: (walking towards her) Look, I feel bad judging you without even knowing your name.

GRACE smacks him over the head with the branch.

NOAH: Hey!

GRACE: It's Grace.

NOAH: Listen Grace… there's a point to-

GRACE: Doing nothing? Sitting? Right, until we have to eat, until we have to pee, until we have to survive a storm-

NOAH: Do you think you might be projecting a bit?

GRACE stares in disbelief. NOAH reaches out to put his arm on her shoulder and comfort her, but GRACE immediately shrugs away.

GRACE: Listen, I love taking a moment to relax or whatever.

NOAH: Mhm.

GRACE: Honestly! (sits to prove her point) But one of us is going to have to realize how temporary this luxury is.

NOAH: Well, that's exactly why I'm arguing for it so much. (beat) But I see your point. Why don't… why don't you stay here and I'll go find something for us?

GRACE: What?

NOAH: You stay, rest a bit, and I'll find something for us to eat.

GRACE: Oh, um…

NOAH: What?

GRACE: I mean… don't you think that's a bit dangerous? (beat) You're amazing with ideas and words, honestly, but this is survival in an apocalyptic world-

NOAH: (scoffs) Oh, got it. You just don't think I can do it.

GRACE: Noah, I never said that, I just-

NOAH: Well you don't have to. See ya, Grace, I will be back within the hour-

GRACE: Noah, listen to me! Take a deep breath and think about this.

NOAH: I said SEE YA GRACE, I will take my leave and will not return until I have found something to maintain us in this "apocalyptic world."

GRACE: Jesus.

NOAH begins to "take his leave."

NOAH: Goodbye! I will return soon!

GRACE: But how? How will you find me again?

NOAH exits.

NOAH: I am gone!

GRACE: Noah, listen to me! (beat) God, what an idiot…

GRACE sits in silence, thinking and worrying, but suddenly she hears:

NOAH: (far away) I am doing it!

NOAH enters.

NOAH: (with pride and relief) Ah.

NOAH pauses and looks around. Upon taking another step, a boom is heard in the distance. He squeals, but does not scurry.

NOAH: (recovering) Okay! Okay. Food. Yes, finding food…

NOAH looks around him again.

NOAH: Right. Where would that be?

Another boom heard in the distance.

NOAH: God! It's becoming a bit excessive now, isn't it? (beat) No matter… it's not coming for me of course. (continues searching, comforting himself) Not for me, not for me, not for me…

NOAH gazes around himself again, more slowly.

NOAH: Not… for me. (longer pause) Maybe she was right… No! No, of course she wasn't, I'm alive. I'm fine. I'm here… But, God, for how long? I hate to admit it, but maybe I'm not the bravest of us two. She tested me, though. She tempted me. (beat) It's not my fault, it never is - that I live in a world that spins on temptation and can't stop spinning. (beat) But even now, on the verge of giving up everything… I'm tempted to find him. Even if I could find him in dust and rubble, I'm tempted to find him. Even if I could just paint him in the sand…

NOAH attempts to draw the boy he once loved in the sand. NOAH watches as it blows away.

NOAH: I would take that over having nothing. (attempting to hold back tears) We once escaped "nothing," remember that? You knew my mother wouldn't let you in so you stole me away instead. You stole me away until I had to be returned by morning to the ones who didn't really want me back. (slowly losing control) God, steal me back again. Please. Someone just take me far away and never return me, let me drive far, far away from sand that never sits and hunger that always bites… Please, please, please… Where's Grace? Grace? GRACE?

Time seems to cut him off, as the lights go out and time passes, and then the lights go up again to reveal GRACE standing over NOAH who has passed out.

GRACE: Noah?

GRACE taps NOAH cautiously with her foot, but no change comes.

GRACE: Oh my God-

NOAH: (startled) Ah!

GRACE: (startled) Ah!

NOAH: You scared me.

GRACE: You scared me! How long have you been out here?

NOAH: I- I don't know. How'd you even find me?

GRACE: I heard your shouting. (beat) Noah-

NOAH: I'm fine.

GRACE: Really-

NOAH: There are just some things you wouldn't understand unless you've lived through them. Trust me.

GRACE: No, trust me. I know what you mean. (beat) You asked me earlier what my interests were. Before?

NOAH: Yeah?

GRACE: Well, I didn't answer.

A longer pause than NOAH expects.

NOAH: No. You didn't.

GRACE: Because I felt guilty for having them. (beat) I guess, you have your struggles and I have mine.

GRACE looks at NOAH, who meets her gaze. They hold this gaze for a moment.

GRACE: I come from a family that didn't really have it together. My mom worked and took care of us alone, us being my two younger brothers and I. My father was nowhere to be found since I was little, and my mom refused to even say his name. But, regardless, I was left to work a lot myself. Keep fighting, for the family. Keep us going. (beat) It was only once the warnings of sudden heat waves and storms came that I even considered what other lives I could've led. How my life could've been different. (beat) I honestly didn't think I'd make it this far.

NOAH: Are you glad you did?

GRACE: Well, I'll admit while you were gone, I…

NOAH: Yeah?

GRACE: Well, I realized I'd grown to enjoy someone's company enough to miss them. I'm not used to that.

NOAH: Aw, you have no idea how much I missed you too. Truly. (beat) But, I should also let you know I'm part of the LGBT-

GRACE: No, I got that.

NOAH: Okay.

A boom is heard in the distance.

NOAH: What do you think it is?

GRACE: Doesn't matter.

NOAH: What?

GRACE: Doesn't really matter, does it? (beat) We're lost, Noah. Sometimes that's all we can be. Not searching, not solving… just lost.

NOAH: Hm. (beat) Well, for all the times we've been forced to grow up throughout our lives… maybe this once we can claim our childhood again.

GRACE: What?

NOAH: Finally be careless and enjoy it, I mean. Let go of fighting for once.

NOAH expects GRACE to argue, but she does not.

NOAH: Who knows how much longer we have here, but-

GRACE: It's all we need, if we can claim it.

GRACE sits with NOAH, and in the distance, a boom is heard. Lights go out.