Writing Catalog

Stella Kronstain

Grade: 11

Laurel School

Instructor: Faina Polt

Your Perception of Me


Your Perception of Me

Why do you judge me?
Inaccurate, inaccurate, it's all inaccurate.
You think you know me,
You claim you see through me like glass,
But the glass is stained, tainted.

You see me from a different perspective.
Evoke your imagination,
I am only a fragment of what you picture me to be.
I am a 3-D model.

My best friend,
A stranger in a coffee shop,
My cousin who I have not seen in years,
A girl who claims she detests me,
But we have never spoken a word.

Different people,
All disparate perceptions.
None contain analog.

Only one person knows who I am.

That person is me,
The one who reigns over my thoughts and emotions.

I may not have a fixed idea of precisely who I am,
But I am myself,
And I am not who you hold in your imagination.