Writing Catalog

Hannah Rosenfeld

Grade: 8

Laurel School

Instructor: Kate Webb

Role Models

Flash Fiction

Role Models

I like to have role models, but not in the way most people do. Sure, I like having a good example to look up to, but I like to do more than that. Once I set my sights on a potential candidate, I hook onto them and begin to idolize. I scavenge for as much information about them as I can find, and I begin to grow into their mold, slowly but surely.

One of my biggest hooks was my camp counselor, Camille. I have known her since I was only nine. She was always one of camp's golden girls, the ones all the counselors knew and loved, the one who had been there since she was a little kid, the one who had all of the highest awards. She was everything I wanted to be. When I turn 13, I get to be in a cabin with Camille for the first time. Camille has three cans of celsius on her shelf. I have three cans of Celcius on my shelf. Camille has a box of Premium saltine crackers. I have a box of Premium saltine crackers. Camille loves the canoe harbor. I love the canoe harbor. Camille loves Coldplay. I love Coldplay. Camille gets nervous before each new camp session starts. I get nervous before each new camp session starts. Camille says I am just like her. I am happy, but how much of this is really me? Where do I stop and where does my impression of Camille start? Why do I do this? Why do I search for alternate identities to obtain instead of defining my own? Everything is a mystery in the murky waters of my self-identity.