Writing Catalog

Pallavi Satish

Grade: 12

Mayfield High School

Instructor: Kari Beery

Death Tango

Short Story

Death Tango

Her back was against Mine. I felt my breath get restricted. Our arms touched causing goosebumps to appear on my arm. I swirl around and lock my hands with hers. She smiles at me with the warmth of a thousand suns. We both looked into each other's eyes. I felt touched, known, heard by her. Her hands unlock from my hands and instead, she wraps her arms around my waist. Pulling me closer until our chests were touching. I could feel her breath on my face and mine on her face. She was so close, so warm, so comforting. Our lips so close that they almost touched until she unwrapped her arms and grabs my hand with her hand then twirls me. I felt her smooth arm once again around my waist. She dips me down and brings me back up sharply. Our faces inches apart until I lock my right hand with hers and place my left hand on her back. She wraps her right arm around my waist. I put my left cheek on her right cheek. Now we were ready to begin the art of tango. We place both of our feet side by side. I move back with my right foot while she moves forward with her left. Then I move my left back as she steps forward with her right foot. I smile at her. I couldn't stop staring at her chocolate-brown eyes. I felt like I was in a trance from HER. I move my right back as she steps forward with her left. We both move the same foot to the left and then bring our next foot to the other foot. Now twirl. She twirls me, twirls me again, again, again, again, until I felt so dizzy like I was drugged. I placed my head on her shoulder to calm myself down. Then again we started but at a faster pace. Then twirl, twirl, twirl. I couldn't take it but I wanted more. I wanted more of her. More twirling is what I wanted. Halfway through the next twirl I remember a memory of when I was sharing one of my favorite songs with her.

"Music?" I extend my other earbud. She takes it and I choose the song "All of Us".

"What is your obsession with Labrinth and Zendaya?"

"Hey, I just like the songs that they make together," I sass.

Her eyebrow extends, she shifts her gate, and looks me up and down.

"Ok, if you say so."

The twirl was complete. Wait that's not how I remembered it. She places her hands on my hips and lifts me up in the air. I set my palms on her shoulder for support even though I should feel safe from her. She brings me back to the ground and hugs me. It felt like a thousand hugs combined into one. It felt warm, loving, and comforting. I loved being in her embrace. She was my light. She was my everything. I wanted to continue living because of her. As we dance faster I accidentally trip on her foot. Ouch. She said nothing but held a deadly gaze. You idiot now she is going to be mad at you.. Maybe she will just forget. Hopefully. I lean my head on her shoulder and smile. She always cared about whatever I talked about even if it was a show she didn't care about. I close my eyes and remember when I was telling her about one of my favorite shows. She was concerned that I had become obsessed with it.

"You need to stop with your obsession with the Umbrella Academy."

"I just really like the show," I shuddered

"Girl, you have over 300 edits saved. You need to delete them,"

"Fine." I sped walked to class hoping to see her so I could tell her the good news. Oh thank god she is here. I set my stuff down and take my seat next to her.

I turned to her, "Yo, you are going to be so proud of me," I said excited.


"I deleted 150 edits."

"Thank god. FINALLY, you did something."

"Yeah," I said as the excitement wore off.

I opened my eyes and removed my head from her shoulder. Wait that can't be right. Right? Our dance stops. I set my left palm on her cheek and gave her a soft look hoping for an answer. She says nothing and walks away. Okay, that's weird. It's fine, maybe she just needed a breather. I sit on the floor. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting for her. Waiting for her to say the paragraph was a mistake. Hoping she would say she didn't mean it and it was just in a moment of rage. I guess the paragraph was too much for me because I barely remember it, but I do remember the last sentence. I guess it was less pain. Thats why I remember it.

"You need to get your act together for real. I will not allow you to ruin my senior year," she said. My hands hovered frozen over my phone for a minute. What do I say? I shouldn't be mean back because that will make it worse. I bite my lip. Wait, I know what to say. Hopefully this works.

"Thanks," I finally typed with a smiley face and hit "send". Weeks passed and I got no answer from her just a seen. I wonder why she hasn't said anything? Also why can't I see her stories? She always posts. Maybe she feels guilty so she is staying off of social media. Another couple of weeks passed and it was homecoming day. If I was going I could have complimented her outfit but I'm not. Wait let me see if she has posted anything. I go through my followers and couldn't find her. That's weird. Wait let me go through our chat. I clicked her profile and it said no posts. Thats when the realization hit me. She blocked me.

She comes back, grabs my hand and yanks me up. Once again we start dancing. Should I ask what's wrong? No, No. She needs her space and I shouldn't be invading her space or she is going to get really angry. We continue until she pulls me into an embrace again, but this time I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I let go of the embrace and see a dagger. I look up to see her sinister smile as she pushes the dagger deeper. Tears start to fall down my face as she removed the dagger and pushes me to the floor. She hovers over me ready to strike with the dagger. She goes for another blow at me when I stop her with my two hands. I look at her as the tears well up in my eyes. I finally let go hoping she won't hurt me. She takes a blow at a different area of my stomach and laughs. She then stands up, throws something to the floor, and leaves as she continues to laugh to herself. Where did I go wrong? I thought I was doing everything right. I look to my left and see a tarot card. I picked it up and saw three swords inside a heart almost as if they were stabbed in. Of course, it's this card. Why wouldn't it be? It works perfectly for the situation.

I close my eyes trying to stop my tears but it was useless. It was hard to when you finally find out the truth. She never did care. All she did was make me feel bad for being myself. I thought she cared for me. But she never did. All she wanted to do was to change me. Mold me into the perfect friend. The perfect friend that would serve her. The tears start to spill out without any control. I changed myself for her. I open my eyes and continued to cry when I heard footsteps. Shoot she is coming back. I need to act like I am dead. I stop my tears and stop blinking. I hold in my air to make it look like I stopped breathing. She hovers over me and smiles. She turns around to leave. I get up and tap her shoulder. She turns around and I stab her in the stomach as tears stream down my face.


She starts to laugh as I remove the dagger and she falls onto her knees. "Wait I know why. Because you like control. You like using people and warping their minds. Making them your endless puppet. You like to screw with their minds mentally. There was so much you put in that text message. I just couldn't take it. I almost ended my life because of your pathetic self. You made it seem like it was all my fault when it wasn't. You weren't the greatest friend to me. You made me put my feelings aside so it wouldn't look like I was overreacting. You never cared for my interests but when I don't care for your interests I'm the bad guy. You isolated me from everyone else. Made me feel like I needed you and just having you was enough. I thought you understood me and that you accepted the really me. I was so in love with you that I couldn't even see the toxicity. I can't believe I really thought you were a good person," I said looking down at her.

I walk to her back and yank her hair backwards so her throat is in full view for me. KILL HER. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SO WHAT'S STOPPING YOU? I shouldn't. DO IT. SHE DESERVES IT. DON'T DO IT. BE BETTER THAN HER. BE THE BIGGER PERSON. DO IT. DON'T DO IT. DO IT. DON'T DO IT. DO-

"SHUT UP!" She chuckles enjoying my frustration. I felt anger. Nothing but anger. I wanted to hurt her, but what message would I be sending? A bad one for sure. I drop the dagger.

I get close to her ear and start to whisper, "I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of making me into a monster. Because I'm better than you. I want you to drown in pain and guilt for hurting me. So instead you screwing with my mind mentally it will be I. Suffer in the agony until it feels impossible to continue living. You deserve a slow and painful life while I live your dream. And when it becomes too much to handle that's when you will beg me to end your life. But I won't because that's too easy of a death for you."

I backed away and chain her to the floor. I smile and walk off to the nothingness. I heard her in the background but I didn't care. Instead I continued on as if I couldn't hear her. That's when I thought to myself. I needed to find her. I needed to find me.

Chess Board

Short Story

Chess Board

OOO this room is so big. I scan the room until I see a bright light. What's that? It looks like a white ball of energy.

"Hello?" I said. Silence.

I extend my arm but then pull back. What if it's dangerous? What if touching will cause me to explode!?! My eyes start to lose focus and stare trance-like. The ball of energy put me in a trance. My arm reached forward again. Fine one touch won't change anything. I crawl towards it and tap it. The energy starts to float in the air and spin. And form into something. What's happening? Is this normal? Diverting my eyes away from it felt impossible. As if someone was holding me in place. Forcing me to look. The energy floats back to the ground and becomes a baby. The baby had a little white robe around its body. As I continued to stare at the creature I noticed it was faceless. Where's the face? Suddenly I heard the infant speak.

"Hi," I heard from the little one.


A silence fell upon us, I didn't say anything until the silence became unbearable.

"Who are you?" I spoke hesitantly.

"I am you," IT said to me.

"Me? But you don't look like me," I said tilting my eyes to check another angle.

IT chuckles, "You will understand when you are older."

"Wish I was older, right now," I said impatiently

"I mean isn't being old miserable."

"NO it's wonderful. You can explore so much of this wonderful and kind world."

"Really? then I can't wait until we are older," IT said with excitement.

"Yeah me too. Maybe then I can understand what you are."

IT chuckles again, "Yeah."

"Do you want to explore with me?" I ask.

"I mean you don't have to it's just a suggestion. I just felt that it would be fu-"

"I would love to," IT said interrupting me.

"Oh ok then umm let's go then," I say smiling.

"Ok," IT said smiling.

We started to crawl around. Looking for something other than an empty room. After some time we came upon two chairs and a table.

"What's that?"I said pointing.

"I don't know. Let's check it out," IT said.

"Are you sure? What if it's something dangerous?"

"Pleaseeeee. This is the only thing we have come upon since for what hours?"


"Come on it will be fun," IT said interrupting.

"Ok fine," I said giving in.

I climb onto one of the chairs while IT climbs onto the other one.

"Looks like a board game," IT said.

"Yeah. Do you want to play?"

"YES," IT said with an excited tone.

I start to move one of the pieces and like that we both continue to play the mysterious game.

"Checkmate," I said with an older tone.

"Hey no fair. I quit," IT said.

"No please. Don't. You are my best friend and I want to continue playing with you."

"Why me? You have other friends so go and play with them."

"NO! You are my best friend and I want to continue playing with you,"

"Really? Even though you have gone into the real world."

"Yes," I said reiterated.

"By the way how is the outside world?" IT asked.

"It's good but I wish it were better."

"Don't worry once we are older the more we can see of the kind world we always discussed."

"Ye- Ouch" I said

"What's wrong?" IT asked.

"I don't know but my arm hurts."

"Roll up your sleeve and let's see if you need some ointment or something."

"Ok," I said.

I roll up my sleeve and see a puppy tattoo. The tattoo was adored with three different colors. Each color occupied a one third of the puppy. The puppy's body had orange, white, with a circle in the middle and green descended in a symbolic order. Why do these colors seem important to me? As if they are part of my culture and heritage.

"Awww it looks so cute, but I wonder why you have it?"

"Yeah me too. Maybe it's something we will learn about when we are older."

"Maybe," IT said.

Suddenly I see ballerinas dancing in circles then into triangles then a ballerina showed up very close to my face. She had a over-exaggerated smile. Then starts to laugh hysterically until….. her head is missing.


"AHH" I screamed.

What was that? What's happening to me?

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, can we just continue playing the game?" I said.

"Ok," IT said with a concerned look.

We continue playing until I won again, but when I looked up at IT, IT wasn't the same. IT had some dark spots of black.

"IT what happened to you?" I said with concern.

"I don't know."

"Wait try washing it off with soap and water."

"I tried earlier but it won't leave," IT said scared.

"Maybe if we ignore it will leave," I said.

"Yeah maybe. It's fine, let's just forget about it and just continue."

A picture appears it looked like me but with a bloody knife. My white dress was covered with blood and that same over-exaggerated smile was on my face. But, wait was that in the corner? Maybe if I-


"Huh sorry, what were you saying?"

"What's wrong with you? Are you ok? Do you have a fever? Do you ha-"

"IT I am fine don't worry about me. Anyway, what were you saying? I said thinking about the picture.

"I was asking if we could continue playing, but if you are feeling under the weather then maybe you sho-"

"Hey, I am fine let's just continue."

"Ok," IT said worriedly.

Suddenly I felt this horrible pain in my other arm causing me to roll up my sleeve. I see a half-green serpent. What the heck? Just ignore it maybe it will get better on its own like the real world. I unroll my sleeve and instead focus on the game. Wait did IT see me roll up my sleeve? I look at IT. IT wasn't interested in what I was doing instead IT was just focused on winning the game. Seems like the game is more important than me. I felt hurt but come on IT didn't do it on purpose. So like that, we continued to play until I won again Why do I keep winning? Shouldn't IT be able to at least win one game? I looked at IT. My eyes widen with shock. IT was completely black.

"WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!?!?!" I said terrified as I kneel in front of IT.


"What no I didn't?" I said with a little crack in my voice.

"Tell me how is the real world?"

"It's amazing"

"LIAR" IT screamed.

"What," I said as tears formed in my eyes.


"What?" I said with confusion.

"The world is not kind and wonderful like you said instead it's filled with people who will only just HURT US," IT said with a sharp tone.

"No there are good people," I expounded

IT had a white spot, but it disappeared in seconds.

"Really? WHERE!?!"

I look around the room and saw blackness creeping over the room.

I start to cry, "What's happening?"

IT looked away from me.

"It doesn't matter."

IT's robe became black. I was so shocked. How can I help? Maybe I should ask IT.

"How can I help?"

"You can't. No one can. We just have to continue playing."

"Of course, if that's what you want," I say smiling.

I take my place back on the seat and we continue to play. Soon a sudden pain pierced my other arm. The green serpent tattoo was complete. What? My eyes dazed back at IT. IT looked miserable. Am I the reason IT is so miserable? Or is it something else? As I ponder my thoughts IT spoke.

"I don't understand why we are still here. You know," IT said.

"Maybe the reason everyone is mean to us is that we deserve it. We deserve the pain and suffering. We deserve every bad thing that happens to us."

"Don't say that. Maybe it will get better."

IT chuckles, "Really how?"

I was silent but curious. Why is IT acting like this?


"Your right I am the problem," I said hopelessly.

"Of course I am right, I am your best friend."

I was the problem. I am the problem. I am the problem. I am the problem.

"Can you stop your stupid thoughts and continue playing this game with me,"

"Of course sorry."

"You should be sorry you mistake," IT said with a dark tone.

We continued to play until I just didn't feel like continuing. I see pixie dust coming from my arm. I roll up my sleeves and see my puppy tattoo disappearing. I shouldn't exist. I leaned back in my chair. I shouldn't exist. I lean my chair back more. I shouldn't exist. Then the chair leaves my control. I close my eyes. Goodbye world.


As my body is free from my grasp a pawn leaves the board and hits the floor. But when I thought it was all over I felt someone pull me off the chair. I opened my eyes and take a glance around the room. Nothing. All I see is a black empty room. Suddenly a sound flares up from the empty silence. What is that sound? Wait……is that crying? I inspect the room and see a small figure in the corner of the room. This little figure had her face in her hands as her legs pressed against her little chest.

"Hello," I said walking over to the figure.

The figure said nothing. Maybe I should comfort the figure. I get on knee level.

"Are you ok?" I said.

The figure looked up. It was me but just in the form of a little girl. The figure continued to look at me until the figure's face became distorted. Its eyes got stretched downward as its mouth became a huge exaggerated smile. The figure grabbed its cheeks and ripped off the skin then gouged its eyes out. Hysterical laughter starts. The laugh got louder. Louder. Louder. Then it spoke.


I let out a blood-curdling scream and I start to scoot backward.

"You can't run from the serpent. It's calling you, you can't ignore it forever," I heard the sinister voice in the background as it tilts its head


I stop and turn to my right. It was me. She grabbed my arm and pulled me out. I looked around. There was a figure that looked like me. The figure was being beaten up by someone. Wait is that…..IT? Just like that IT turned towards me.

"Hey get over here your next," IT said.


I started to run away from IT until I felt a tuck on my sleeve. It was me. She grabbed me again and pulled me out. I took a tumble to the ground. My heart was beating so fast. I was terrified.


"Hey look at me," I hear.

I look up and see the little figure in front of me, "But I don't understand. You look like me. But younger." She had a little green bow that matched her green dress with white polka dots. What? It can't be.

"But it is," Little me said.

"But ho-

"Look at me I don't have much time because most of me has been erased but I do have time to tell you this."

She places her little palms on my two cheeks.

"It's not too late. You are not a problem. You are not a mistake. You are perfect just the way you are. And you need to realize that. IT has been corrupted, but you can undo the corruption. So go back before it's too late."

I watch her. Listen to her. But then I see her start to become pixie dust.

"No no no no no no am I doing this?" I say placing my palms on her two small cheeks with tears in my eyes.

"Yes but it's because you are giving up. Don't give up. Please. This world needs someone as extraordinary as you. Now promise me you will continue. Continue to play the game. No matter what," She said, removing her palm from my cheek and instead placing it in front of me.

Should I? Maybe I shouldn't. I see her fade more. No I will because I want to survive. I will stay because…. I am a survivor. I place my palm on her palm.

"I promise. I won't let you down."

"I know you won't," She says smiling.

I pull her into a embrace. Holding on to her small figure. I sobbed and sobbed not wanting to let her go but as time goes by she fades more until…………she is gone. I press my legs against my chest, wrap my arms around them. Sobbing continues as I start to hyperventilate. Come on I know it hurts but you need to fight, fight so you can continue to live. After several minutes I finally stop my tears. I will bring you back. I promise. And like that I was sucked back into reality. The tear marks had disappeared as if I had never cried to begin with.

"Where did you go loser? I was about to tell you something."

"I am not a loser IT and you aren't either. And the thing you want to tell me can wait because there is something I have been dying to tell you. You and I are perfect. PERFECT. Perfect just the way we are," I say with determination. Then I see a small white spot.

"No we aren—

"YES WE ARE," I say interrupting IT.

"And people hurt us so we can get stronger. These negative experiences make us stronger and no matter what they are not supposed to BREAK US. It has always been us against the world so why are we hurting each other? We are best friends so that means we help each other not tear each other apart. So if there is any good under all of that corruption please shine through. I need you. I NEED MY BEST FRIEND BACK!" I said with tears and desperation. Just then I felt something in my palm. I looked at it. It's the pawn. Weird I thought it was on the floor. Odd.

"Glad to see you came to your senses," IT said.

I looked up. IT was half white and half black.

"Check your puppy tattoo."

I rolled up my sleeve and looked. The tattoo was half back and it occupied the colors orange and blue. I felt proud and happy. I am doing it. I smile to myself.

I looked up at IT and smiled, "What are you?"

"Glad your finally curious. I will tell you. I will answer your questions, but you will also need to see THE experiences. So are you ready?"

Am I ready? Am I? ………………Yes I am.