Writing Catalog

Mia Maurer

Grade: 11

Mayfield High School

Instructor: Kari Beery

A Waste Of Space

Dramatic Script

A Waste Of Space

Fay: A 17 year old girl with brown eyes and brown hair. She is an only child, she's on her school's varsity volleyball team, she's an AP student, a member of her school's student council and a part of the environmental awareness club. She seems to be a typical high school student, right? Little does anyone know that 8 weeks ago her dad left her mom and refuses to answer any of their calls, in an attempt to manage her loneliness Fay's mom is constantly dating strange men, Fay's boyfriend cheated on her with a freshman, she started failing all her classes (which means no playing time for volleyball), her best friend maddie is no longer speaking to her after Fay skipped her birthday dinner to smoke with some friends (yeah, she is also now experimenting with drugs), she has been diagnosed with anorexia and she also cuts her wrists and hips now because she thinks the scars on her body can hide the scars on her heart. She is desperate to get rid of her pain and anguish so she confides in Jordan. She is reaching her breaking point.

Jordan: A menace who has been developing for 17 years. She is Fay's depression, anxiety, anorexia, paranoia, bad decisions, pain, anguish, guilty pleasures, laziness, and addiction all rolled into one. She is desperate to survive, so she tries to thrive on Fay. She befriended her, she made herself seem ever so trustworthy, Fay thought that Jordan was the solution to all her problems, when really she is the root. She is lying in wait for Fay to reach her breaking point, But in reality, Jordan is also at hers.

One empty wooden black chair sits center stage, lights are dimmed low with a light spotlight on the chair. Fay (in a pair of grey washed ripped mom jeans and a grey tank top with hair up in a ponytail) comes running in from stage right and just passes the chair, crying with her fingers scrunched in her hair, pulling. The spotlight follows her.

FAY: no, no.

(hands fall from her hair to out in front of her. She begins to crumble into her body [knees bending out from under her, back bent forward], she lets out a sob)

please no.

(her head shakes no as her body is about to hit the ground)

(Jordan Runs in from left stage in black mom jeans, a black tank top and hair in a ponytail. She picks Fay up from the front before Fay touches the ground and throws her back into the chair)

JORDAN: (screaming) Weak!

(her voice quiets as heavy breaths overtake her anger)

So utterly vulnerable. So utterly stupid.

(Jordan walks behind the chair)

FAY: (Curling into a ball in the chair, letting out a slight sob)

Please don't do thi-

(Jordan picks up the back of the chair to throw Fay out of it and onto the ground in front of the chair. Fay lands on her stomach, her body is slanting towards right stage, her right arm and left leg is bent. Jordan continuously circles around Fay)

JORDAN: (Screaming) You're a damn waste of space. You should have killed yourself when you had the chance.

(Jordan kicks Fay on the inside of her right leg, Jordan then throws black paint onto the back of Fay's tank top and jeans)

FAY: (Simultaneously using her right arm to push herself up and saying… )

I want to live.

(Jordan kicks Fay's right arm out from under her, Jordan then bends to the ground and picks Fays chin up from off the ground and holds it in her hand)

JORDAN: You. want. to. die. What's there left for you?!

(Fay stares at Jordan, lip quivering)

JORDAN: (Screams) I said what's left!

(Jordan drops Fay's chin to the ground, stands up and begins to circle her again, shaking her hands out in an attempt to harness her anger)

Your dad left you because he couldn't stand living in the same house as someone as problematic-,

(Jordan corrects herself)

as disgusting, as worthless as you

(Jordan steps on Fay's back as she continues to circle. Fay whinces)

Your mom would rather spend the night with her boyfriend than with you. Your friends can't stand to look at you anymore after what YOU did to Maddie. Your boyfriend cheated on you because you gained too much weight for him to be attracted to you anymore, you can't pass a test, you can't get playing time, you don't get invited to any parties anymore. The only place where you'll find a sense of belonging is…... in…….. hell.

(The lights slightly dim more to symbolize the darkness taking over Fay's Life, but the spotlight on Fay becomes brighter to symbolize that there is always hope, even in the darkest of times)

(Fay pushes herself up by her arms and brings her legs towards her chest so she's in a kneeling position, she then moves back onto her butt and brings her knees into her chest. She then folds her arms across her legs. As she made these movements, she smeared black paint across the stomach of her tank top)

FAY: I just want to be loved

(JORDAN grabs Fay's hand and pulls her up into a hug, Fay keeps her arms at her sides)

JORDAN: (whispers in her ear) You never will be

(Jordan puts black paint on Fay's ponytail with her right hand as her left still holds her in an embrace)

(Jordan brings Fay back to the chair, her left arm still arounds her, spotlight dims once more [symbolizing Fay losing hope] and follows the girls. Fay sits in the chair upon Jordan's direction, staring out straight, blankley into the audience)

(Jordan walks towards front right stage)

JORDAN: (Scoffs), What to do with you, what to do with you? Hmm. So many (Pause with a devilish grin) peculiar things I can do with you.

(Jordan looks back at Fay and smiles)

(talking outloud to herself) No- losing weight is not the answer. No matter how much you threw up, you were still always-

FAY: (Fay cuts Jordan off, interrupting her thoughts)

I don't want to be sick anymore

(Fay stops her blankly stare to look up as Jordan and follows her with her eyes. Jordan ignores Fay)

JORDAN: You've tried running away, they always seem to bring you back. You've tried cutting the pain away...

(Fay holds her forearms out in front of her, palms open and straight in front of her. She traces a horizontal line near her wrist)

FAY: I don't want to be in pain anymore. I- I can't live. (sighs and mumbles) I can't live.

(Definitively saying) I can't do it anymore. I can't live like this.

JORDAN: (laughing) well I got just the fix.

(Jordan runs back to the chair, her momentum stops when she grabs the right leg of the chair with her left hand. She swings her body around to the left and grabs Fay's chin aggressively. Jordan looks at her, eyes blazing until she breaks out in another devilish laugh. She pushes Fay's face away from her.)

(Jordan Hands Fay an invisible rope and brings her to her feet)

It's time.

(Jordan walks backwards off stage slowly, exiting stage left)

(Fay Stands on top of the chair facing away from the audience, without the audience knowing she grabs more black paint from behind the chair.)

(Dramatic pause)

(Fay's head turns slowly over her left shoulder and stares out at the audience, the spotlight brightens. She then lets the rest of her body follow her head, turning to the left to face the audience straight on. She brings her clenched hands out in front of her, and faces her palms up, holding the invisible rope out in front of her. She lowers her head to stare at the rope in front of her. Her breath is heavy and tears begin to roll down her face. She pulls the rope tighter in her hands (does this by pulling her hands apart about 6 inches, quickly). She then reaches her left hand above and infront of her head, she moves her left hand in a vertical/circular motion and pulls her right arm close to her side, mimicking tying the rope to a beam. She then slowly lowers her left arm. She continues to stare up at the "beam". Her right hand makes three circles around her neck and she drops both hands to her side. Her mouth opens slightly as her body breaks down… left shoulder flinching forward. Head lowering down to the right side. knees bending. As doing these motions she smears more black paint down her clothes. Her body then grows tall again until she's standing straight up, covered in black paint she stares out into the crowd. All lights go off.)