Writing Catalog

Julia Zhu

Grade: 10

Hathaway Brown School

Instructor: Scott Parsons

Dear Future Actor


Dear Future Actor

Dear Future Actor,

To be in Hollywood
Must be a wish
To be on the big screens
Must be a dream come true

And like every other actor,
People will scrutinize every colored pixel
Eyes bigger, bluer
Nose straighter, yellower
Lips plumper, redder

You won't think twice
To change that simple old pixel
Orange to blue
Purple to yellow
Green to red

Society shopped
The colors they wanted to consume became primary
The discarded were "imperfect", "impure"
And secondary
The screens demand this, call for this, institutionalize this

But as you undergo metamorphosis
Consider that it means so much
To sit on plush seats and lookup
To see a person that looks like me
With all the gloriously wrong hues

And even if the screen glitches
The reaction will be all the colors spattered, wild, and free

Your Fan