Writing Catalog

Evelyn Lapolla

Grade: 12

Bay Village High School

Instructor: Erin Beirne




My game
I loved my game.
I played it for hours on end before you asked to play.
I didn't want to
But I let you
You rewrote my save file
memories from my game effectively wiped clean
You played,
you set up your avatar
and played
You played but never finished
Now you are gone.
Unbelievably you are gone,
your avatar, he stands looking around
In the world of ones and zeros
your Pokémon sit in their pokéballs waiting
Just waiting to be called out once again for glorious battle
and I sit looking at the case. Growing layers of dust on my shelf
Sometimes I crack open the cover and run my thumb over the comb toothed back of
the cartridge
eventually I boot it up, but I don't play
I can't
I look and watch
And I think
I can feel the last fading bits of your personality living in the virtual world
In there you live, your legacy keeps going,
thinking about the decisions you would make or the battles you would win and lose.
Would you beat it on your first try?
Would you complete the Pokédex? Or would you leave empty spaces for the weak or boring creatures?
How would your team change? You still have your starter now, but when you won, would he be your number one?
That's why I can't
I can't play
my favorite game still has your ghostly finger prints lingering on the screen
it feels wrong to continue My game without You.