Writing Catalog

Anabel Bach

Grade: 12

Cleveland School of the Arts

Instructor: Elizabeth Telich

Damned Prayer


Damned Prayer


Dine in the Garden of Eden.
The ministering angels sang
for Him, strained wine for Him.
The Snake glanced at Him.
Saw all His glory,
and was jealous.

Greed and lust cause Man's death.
A Man dies while half his desires
remain like frayed threads.
His eyes still curious while expired.
A struggling, shallow breath.

To dwell for all eternity.
Executing judgment
on His behalf.
And all those to abandon Him,
praise a feverish wickedness.

Here envy is the rotting
of the bones, soul,
throat, and vein.

Arouse thy wrath.
Inhale cried pain,
and hold thy tongue.
Remember my name.

"sunday mornings"

chubby statue of baby jesus
running nights answering prayers
candles never flicker
no one burns copal incense
for the souls condemned to life
no dusty rosary above our beds
no palm sunday
no guardian angel
nobody murmurs grace
promised to a favorite saint
sunday mornings don't call us
nobody cures us of the evil eye
with an egg
kiss our thumbs
when we say goodbye
altars do not command
our genuflections
we're allowed to
believe or not believe
whatever hewn stories
god stings across palms


"Let us make Adam
in our image,
after our likeness.
B'tzelem Elohim!

Beat the Man into him!"

Risking safety
for the sake of sanctity.
A beast mentality,
to rip my own breast.
Holy sacrifice,
flesh like rosary.

"Surely, God is in this place!"

When it was created,
We were born sacred.

Dual faces, cut; Two were made.

In some ways like men.

In some ways like women.

And in other ways, like neither men nor women.

"Look to the
hole of the pit,
from where you were dug."

Surely, I am in this place.

*Aylonit - A woman who later develops male traits.
*B'tzelem Elohim - "In God's Image"