Writing Catalog

Vivian Auten

Grade: 10

Shaker Heights High School

Instructor: Kristina Walter

Honeysuckle Tree


Honeysuckle Tree

There's a pretty honeysuckle tree in the front of my lawn.
When you pick off the flowers you can see the sweet honey on the inside.
I used to play around it all the time,
Talk to it everyday,
But that sweet sentiment soon faded away.

Like ice on your leg when you trip and fall,
It really helped me get through it all.
I would sit by it when I was feeling down and let the day flutter by.
It soaked in all my troubles like a sponge, though it didn't really hear me.

It now looks limp and wilted, From lack of care and attention.
The perky flowers soon stemmed into empty seashells,
Missing the fruitful life it used to have.

I want to get up to help, I really do.
Maybe even nap next to the plant for an hour or two.
But my limbs have given up and my mind has clung to my bed.
I am sorry, I'll try again tomorrow .