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Taly Landis

Grade: 10

Chaviva High School

Instructor: Ariella Landy

Average, White, Female Jew


Average, White, Female Jew

Hello to my unknown reader, Maybe my mom, and also my teacher: I don't know if you'll understand this rant of mine, But, hey, it can't be so bad and besides, it rhymes! (mostly)

This is my first thought the moment I'm awake: "Good morning, America! What screwed-up thing will happen today? Will we get ourselves together and stop being so two-sided? Or will this world remain divided?"

Detailed so many times but so few listen,
And if they do, they do nothing about it,
Until it gets too strong,
Too deep to change.

I see it everywhere,
In the subtle way that she's alone cuz she's "strange"
And they make fun of her for not wearing brand names.
That group that excludes everyone that's different from them
Add in that they follow every fad and trend
And most of them drive their daddy's Benz.
Wait, suddenly, I've explained the Upper West Side to a T
But that's rich coming from coming from me
Because I live in Ohio, full of small towns,
Where gossip goes around and around and around
And yet no one makes a sound.

On a bigger scale I see
The way minorities hate on other minorities.
It's one big circle of (sort of) quiet dislike,
A dinner table turned into political fights.
Hurtful things said not so nicely,
Rights expressed not so rightly.
And no one is just left to be.

Then there's the people like me.
I'm a White, Jewish female, age fifteen.
I'm still so young and still so green,
But I assure you I'm not that naive.
I've seen how Great America is not so great.
I know of hate.

My mother's grandfather marched to the tune of death,
And my great grandmother fought nightmares til her very last breath.
So many lives we must never forget.
I had a great uncle who I've never met,
Because he was killed by Hitler's hate.
Too young, too soon, he met his fate.

But what would a girl like me know?
I'm just a little kid, all homegrown.
My brain is filled up with sick, little voices,
But, then again, I'm expected to make "big-girl" life choices.
I can barely decide what to eat every day.
How am I supposed to write a formal essay?

I'm in school for more time than I sleep,
Alarm goes off at 6:30, beep, beep, beep.
I can't blame my circumstances for all of my troubles,
Maybe I'd be less tired if I didn't stay up staring at text bubbles.
My school sets me up for success,
Open-note tests, slightly less stress
All efforts to stop us from getting depressed.

This is my world without rose-colored lenses
Opinions that don't even reach a consensus.
I don't share them often because I like to keep the peace
There are too many fights, without adding me.

These are just my perspectives and thoughts.
Maybe I see things in a way they are not,
But maybe this can have some kind of gain,
And lighten the rain,
Maybe even bring a bit of change.

Welcome to the wonderful, complicated world of me,
Idealistic, a little naive, and still not sure what I believe.
I hope that my inner conflict doesn't offend you.
Sincerely, your average, White, female Jew.