Writing Catalog

Olivia Mian

Grade: 11

Hathaway Brown School

Instructor: Scott Parsons

Green in Neverland


Green in Neverland

Oh to be Tinkerbell
Oh to be Peterpan
I am green, I am youth, I am liberty
In Neverland

I fly over rolling hills
And carpet them with my touch
Shades of green in different hues
I am life
In this wonderful existence, my love

I refract through the clouds
And refract through the waters
I sit sweetly as the morning dew
And sparkle on fairies' wings

Oh to be a flower, a mint color or sage
Oh to be a blade of grass
I exist, I shimmer
I am singing

The lost boys never grow up
They play in the clouds
And neither do I
Soaring like Peterpan, high up in the sky

Color can be ephemeral and perhaps that gives it beauty
But green in Neverland means innocence, it means poetry
Green is youthful immortality

In a world where everything is temporary
Green is limited and caged
Green is tainted by times constant tick

But no, not in Neverland
There I can be green and never have to hide
There I am seafoam
I am birds in the sky

Oh to be Tinkerbell
Oh to be Peterpan
What I would not give
To be green in Neverland