Writing Catalog

Noa Kaminski

Grade: 9

Chaviva High School

Instructor: Ariella Landy

Wedding Ring

Flash Fiction

Wedding Ring

Brooklyn Cobb opens her eyes and looks around her. She's lying on a bed in a wooden cabin, the fireplace emitting a faint glow over the colorful fabrics hanging on the walls. She sits up to take a closer look, the woven fabrics had definitely been knit by someone who knew what they were doing, and had plenty of time. The intricate details showed the story of a dragon. Or at least that's what she thought it was. Closer to the fireplace, there is a small and rickety wooden table. Sitting atop the table is a small bowl containing some sort of soup, a spoon and a slice of bread lay next to it. Her stomach grumbles, and she eats the slice of bread. She doesn't trust the soup. Once she finishes eating the slice of bread, she decides to go outside because she has no idea where she is. She opens the door and steps outside into a lush green meadow. She walks into the center of the meadow no longer wishing to be trapped in the little cabin, and although she doesn't know where she's going, she enjoys the fresh air, and sets out to find people. Brooklyn walks until dark, and realizes she needs somewhere to rest. Seeing a large cave breaking off from a mountain about 400 yards away, she changes course to walk in that direction. When she reaches the entrance of the cave about five minutes later, she realizes it's a lot bigger than it looked to her before. She tries to shake off any hesitation she might have, then she enters the cave. About three minutes later, she runs out yelling something she'd never thought would leave her mouth. "Help! It's a dragon! I saw a dragon!" The dragon of course, comes stampeding out after her. Lifting her in its claws, the dragon soars up spitting ribbon-like fire from its mouth. Flying higher, and higher, she's able to see a large village on the other side of a forest from where she had found herself in the cabin. The dragon compresses his wings and dips down, and Brooklyn yells at the top of her lungs. They are now so close to the ground that she can see the people pointing and shouting, quickly forming almost an army of peasants holding pitchforks, and is that fire? she wonders. What did they think fire was going to do to a dragon, it literally creates its own. Right as they are about to hit the ground, the dragon unfurls his wings to slow their descent and lands regally on his hind legs not far from the royal palace. Just then, the royal guard breaks out in front of the people, their bows drawn and arrows nocked.

"Don't shoot!" Brooklyn yells. For some reason they all take that as their cue to shoot, and dozens of arrows shoot up. There's a series of clangs as the arrows bounce off the strong, blue, metallic scales that protect the dragon, many of them even bending. In the same fluid movement the soldiers draw another arrow from their quiver and slide it into their bow pulling the bowstring back. Then all at the same time, the soldiers release their arrows. Many hit the scales again and even snap in half, but a few hit their mark on the dragon's soft belly. Bellowing in pain, the dragon shoots fire up into the sky, and takes off in the direction of the forest. "Who are you?" Asks a soldier coming up to Brooklyn. "Where are you from? You aren't from around here, are you?"

"No sir," Brooklyn replies. "I'm not."

"Well then, where are you from?" He asks again.

"California?" Brooklyn says uncertainly, starting to doubt herself.

"Never heard of it. And what's your name?" He asks.

"Brooklyn Cobb, and what's yours? And where in the world am I?" Brooklyn shoots back. "Welcome to Alerrawia, Prince Stanley Graham Harlow Leofric Bartonne the Second at your service," he says, removing his helmet. A loud ugly laugh escapes Brooklyn's throat.

"A prince?" She doubles over laughing. Gasping for breath she continues, "sorry I just, a prince, a dragon, what's next, cheeseburgers falling out of the sky?"

"A cheese what? Are you alright?"

"You don't even know what California is," Brooklyn laughs, feeling downright delirious. "I must be dreaming."

"Well you're very much here if that's what you're implying," says the Prince. "Come with me, you're a newcomer so you shall be a guest at my palace."

"Palace, right, of course, following right behind." Brooklyn says.


Two Years Later:

The Prince and Brooklyn had just gotten married so the Prince was throwing a ball to celebrate. Everyone is invited. Brooklyn stands in front of the mirror in her gown, she twirls around loving it in all its poofy glory. It was just the perfect shade of white melting into just the perfect shade of royal blue. Her diamond tiara stands heavily on her head, and she wonders if she'll ever get used to it. Although Brooklyn's gown was gorgeous with the little diamonds embedded in the hem sparkling in the candlelight, she refused to wear all the heavy silver jewelry the Prince had crafted just for her, instead opting to wear the thin little silver necklace her mother had gotten for her tenth birthday to remind her of home.

The night goes by in a whirlwind as does Brooklyn's new life. The King and Queen die in a tragic accident, and Brooklyn and her husband ascend the throne. Years pass and Brooklyn gives birth to an heir. One night when her son is eight years old, King Stanley Graham Harlow Leofric Bartonne the Second, has a heart attack and passes away in his sleep. This is a huge blow to the kingdom because he was a great leader. During his rule, King Stanley Graham Harlow Leofric Bartonne the Second, uncovered new assets and made the country wealthy. Because this wealth, he was able to maintain a large army and won many wars. The people loved him because he was just and fair. The mourning lasted six months. When her son turned sixteen, Brooklyn stepped down from the throne, renaming her son as King. Decades later, Brooklyn herself passes away.


"Brooklyn Margo Cobb! You may not sleep in my class!" Mrs. Dannenbring bangs a ruler next to Brooklyn's ear. Brooklyn's head shoots up.

"Yes ma'am, sorry ma'am," she says quickly, as Mrs. Dannenbring returns to the front of the class. A hand taps her shoulder, and Brooklyn turns around.

"You okay Brooke? You're looking kind of pale," whispers Andrea, her best friend.

"Yeah," Brooklyn whispers back, "just a really weird dream." Yes, a dream that's all it was, Brooklyn convinces herself. Looking down Brooklyn just barely holds back a started yelp, the huge sapphire encrusted diamond wedding ring, is still on her finger.