Writing Catalog

Nigel Ellis

Grade: 12

University High School

Instructor: Jim Garrett

An Honored Day

Flash Fiction

An Honored Day

A derivative noise not unlike any other alarm system began to stir about throughout the entire great complex, serving as a reminder to all it inhabited, and a call to instant and precisely rehearsed action. For at this point time would stand nearly still as the Honored would act with an inhumane cunning, answering the questions posed by his knights on the future plans in record times. Months of plans would be drafted by the time he had crossed the expansive hall connecting the only rooms he ever spends considerable time in, and once more as the great doors shattered apart, so to once more will it be proven why the world continues to spin in his favor.

Aides, vassals, and all types of those who stand in the middles of hierarchy flew by in an automatic manner, hurrying their questions by and leaving as soon as they were answered. A near-constant state of noise, brought about from commotion, communication, and delegation, interpreted instantly across varying subject matters, from technological advancements to military training, to geographical and biological discovery. The flow of commands was stalled on account of his ambassador to some piles of detritus thrown about randomly on the edge, who had the apparent claim to its, against all practical sense, great sentimental value, such that his actions posed a threat of divine retaliation. He signaled that this ambassador would be sent back to the end of the line, and his matter would be sorted last, as the answer would be decided after checking on one special institution.

The one in question was the head of the laboratories located underneath them, whose team has been able to bend the rules of reality and accomplish previously thought to be impossible tasks, and has personally taken the brunt of many of their consequences firsthand. Today they had their right arm hidden from view and spoke with an almost manic excitement in anticipation of presenting what they had managed to concoct. They referred to it as the greatest advancement they had ever made, as they presented the corrupted length of matter that could only be realized to be their arm through context clues. This was definitive, their success in this field would prove monumental in the bounds that will be made in the coming future, and confirmed the decision to the last remaining ambassador, and, with an order of a swift continuation, the process was complete.

With this process done, he reached the other end of the hall and walked into the disheveled room inside of it. All that lies in this unfurnished room is a simple tea set, and as he poured himself a cup, he began to remember. He began to delve into his past, remembering lost friends, numbered enemies, forgotten supervisors, and the advice of his only mentor, that as anyone, from your greatest friends to the gods who reside in their heights will constantly try to knock him down, and must be usurped to prevent this.