Writing Catalog

Mia Maurer

Grade: 11

Mayfield High School

Instructor: Kari Beery




I would say money shoved me in this cage and left me to rot,
But the voices twisting down the hall proves it's not.
See, money is a powerful form of havoc,
making its addict pure as hell's vision.
And its victims helpless; trapped in poor condition.
The world keeps a spin,
Not knowing of the lives it ruined
See, our worst nightmares imagined.

I used to run in my mind asleep
I dreamed my feet touching fields of flowers, touching heaven, feeling the sun's heat
Each day I woke and lived life free
Not knowing that what lurks in the shadows would come for me.
I got in my car like I did each day,
Then hell grabbed me and took me many miles away.
True spite kicks in when your left forgotten,

Just an object waiting to be sold,
Just an animal caged,
Just a girl left all alone.
As these voices; shrill and refined,
scream from cells and burn horrible images in my mind.
See, people around me disappear one by one...
I call out to the lost people searching for the answer to what humans have become.

Selling, sold, bought.
Terminated, tricked, trot
Dehumanized, deharminized, distraught

Souls sold like food to starving vultures
Once a beautiful boy,
Once a darling girl,
Once so pure and so clean.
Preyed upon by hunters,
Their lives depleted: nothing but empty means.

Hope scraped out their insides,
Their looks were forced to change
And in a short, short amount of time…
Their smiles diminish and fade
See, a meer commodity of exchange

I pray in hope that one day my feet will be lifted off the ground,
But for now, all I see is cuts that bleed,
And I feel the cold, cold ground.

Once I heard that strength could turn nightmares into dreams,
That's before I learned that money disregards everybody.
I sent out one last song of cries,
And I let the river overflow.
I'm in this cage praying,
But still...
I'm about to be sold.