Writing Catalog

Matthew Rosler

Grade: 12

Bay Village High School

Instructor: Erin Beirne

A Haunted Teenager


A Haunted Teenager

Many before me have attempted the daunting task of haunting this boy
They used to succeed,
But in recent years, we have had much more trouble.

When the boy had just moved into his new home,
The lone ghost residing there swiftly took its opportunity
It's lonely presence creeping up into the covers of his bed,
Engulfing him in sorrow,
But within days of being possessed by this spirit,
The boy dove off of the deck,
And into the pool,
Where the electrifying jolt from the cold water,
The burn of the chlorine in his eyes,
And the broken chatter of lane-mates,
Beat on the ghost,
Eradicating it from his body.

When the boy had just begun his second-to-last year of highschool,
And the time seemed to be moving faster,
The ghost in control of the clock, made its move,
It's deathly presence closing in on where he sat,
Engulfing him in fear,
But within hours of being possessed by this spirit,
The boy rebooted an old passion,
Where the ear piercing trap drums,
The chaotic vibrations of untuned bass notes,
And the deafening melody of maxxed volume bar,
Struck the ghost,
Sending it fleeing from his body.

My life of haunting humans is drawing nearer and nearer
I am still learning much from my elders,
But I have a drive to be the best and greatest,
I cannot afford to fail when I am dropped into the real world,
For the sake of my own goals and aspirations.
Even as a ghost,
That anxiety in my head stirs until it's the consistency of TV static,
Thinking about the change and the pressures.

I have been studying the boy from a distance,
I have been waiting to move in,
I have just let the edge of my presence,
Packed with my anxieties,
Reach him.