Writing Catalog

Maddie Millett

Grade: 12

Orange High School

Instructor: Ryan Kerns

Ripples, Forevermore


Ripples, Forevermore

In my life, you were my favorite page, full of excitement and joy,
now I'm ripping them out after years of never being read.
I saw you slipping away but I ignored it.
I tried to hang on tighter,
but I wasn't strong enough to carry both ends of our friendship.
And just like that, the cycle continues.
From strangers to friends, friends into family, and into strangers again.

Even if you didn't stay,
I knew I would love you till my last breath.
My heart would beat for you,
and would stop while thinking about you.
We would walk away from each other,
our hearts still linked together,
with tears streaming down our faces.

There is nothing braver than someone who would die for you.
But as I ran away from the pain,
painting myself with scatches and bruises.
I realized that we had burned and burned until nothing was left.
Our light had faded,
and only ashes were left.
But what's perfect isn't real and what's not real never lasts.

The sound of the rope snapping shook me back to reality,
seeing your heart go blurry, your body letting go.
Stars only shine for so long,
even the sun has to go out at some point.
You say, the twinkle in your eye fading as you drew your last breath.
I tried to be strong but after some time,
I realized I was the only one holding on to what was left of you.