Writing Catalog

Larson Toil

Grade: 11

Bay Village High School

Instructor: Erin Beirne

old lake town


old lake town

to You,
the old lake town where i grew up

i sing to You
/ to forgive You /
and hope for your future
i remember who You were
all those years ago,
when i was still just a

i remember how You bit my feet with your frost,
and snow,
and chill.
i remember how You pricked my hands,
and arms,
and legs from your old scape of thickets and woods.
i remember the garden You let me grow,
the onions, and the parsley, and the parsnips,
i remember the creatures You let take it apart

my family trusted You

i remember my grandfather
i remember my apple tree
/ the one You grew for him /
i remember
how your anger took both away

my family trusted you
they are now stuck here, with you
my old lake town-

the one that i will escape.

the boy who loved you