Writing Catalog

Karl Wagner

Grade: 12

University High School

Instructor: Jim Garrett

Collection of some short poems I have written


Collection of some short poems I have written

A blunt, single word explanation for each of these poems (In chronological order), stationary, bitter, warm, and home. I hope you enjoy.



i cant remember
where am i?

small cape town drama

may 3. 1437
two thousand pairs of hooves stampeded against the cobblestone pathway leading out of the cape,
life at the village proceeded.

one thousand swords laid with angst in their sheaths
whilst priests stood in secret, taking their time, echoing sacraments,
blessings to the divine.

one thousand four hundred and thirty one bakers, bankers, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, perusing about their day, awaiting a viscous demise.

the annual census had just occurred the week prior,
looking back i guess that is what they intended,
to ensure the destruction of each free-willed mind residing inside of the boundary.

however, there were one thousand four hundred and thirty-two citizens in my town, Sūn.

when i find myself plagued with boredom, oh i wonder how ferociously they searched for me, the punishment they received when they clopped into town, riding sullenly this time, lacking a single trophy, one had escaped.
one little girl had survived without harm, physically fine,
but they knew. they know. her mind now resides, in a pool of darkness, tainted til the end of time.

i was not standing next to my mother when she was clubbed in the head, her limp body thrown into a pile of bodies, her hair doused with oil, she was the fuse.

i did not see my father get his arm torn off, i merely searched the pile of bodies for him,

i could not put up a fight while a burly man, covered in dirt and mud, torn clothes, eyes filled with hate, forced my sister to the ground, i was up high in a tree,
curled up in a ball,
blood dripping from my eyes, streaking down my face, splashing onto my knees, beading down my thighs.

i want to kill them all.
but here i am, high up in tree, curled up into a ball.
my body is shut down, frozen, stiff, my eyes, my god, my eyes why mustn't they freeze,

god id give anything to be anywhere but here, high up in this tree, blood dripping down my face, splashing onto my knees, curled into a ball.

may 4. 1437

i had never understood beauty until i stared at this world through the eyes of hell,
as once the devil placed his eyeglasses upon me, my eyes burned, burned so hot all that was angelic withered in an instant,

in that instant, beauty was no more.

scorched for a lifetime, i sit in this tree, curled up into a ball, dried streaks of blood paint my knees, i am searching for a reason.

may 5. 1437

even the birds that once shared their nests with me, in the crooked branches of this tree, had moved out.
the stench of the living, burnt to a crisp, made them croak, it made them sick.
for me, i am still trying to find a reason,
a reason to uncurl from my ball, and leave this tree.
there might be a slight notion, of some, sickly sweet, slightly sour emotion, that could prompt my departure.
i will try to latch onto it, hitch a ride,
i will follow it
deep inside

it has been two days since i had beauty ripped from my life, that was the notion, the slightly sweet sickly sour emotion, beauty. and… i do not know how to feel.

i was hungry yesterday, and the night before, today however,
god i hope not,
maybe hunger is no more.

i do not know how much more i can take,
i spend every minute, staring at the sky, wondering how much longer it will be, until i have all of my emotions torn from inside of me… then,
will i still be human?

may 6. 1437

today is my birthday, happy birthday to me.

i am spending it alone for the first time, just me, no birds, no hunger,
curled up still, in a ball, brown crusted streaks of blood stain my knees, just me and the tree.

i have just been sitting here in these lonesome hours, as i do every other, thinking, bouncing thoughts around my head, trying to feel something, i keep going deeper and deeper, as far as i can manage, but i seem to only turn up with nothing.

i hate this world, i hate this place, i hate the devil for placing his hellish eyeglasses upon my face!
there it is now! i know what i must do! there is one final feeling, i have yet to pursue.

i allow my knees some room to move, but they are stiff, stuck, cemented in place, it does not matter, there is no change of pace, it does not matter if i cannot move. without a deep breath, or second guess, or chance to save my soul, i toss my head off to the side. yes! i am beginning to roll!

let me leave this retched place, i will swing my head once more. so i give it all my strength… i begin to topple over.

on my way down i am looking up at the tree that held me dearly. thank you tree for protecting me, but curse you for parting your leaves just enough for me to peak the ashes of my family, well, that is not your fault, you are just a tree, i guess you were just trying to give me closure, i forgive you.
time is beginning to slow, here it is, my life will now flash before me.

but there was no flash, no cinematic masterpiece, simply the stench of the undead, and that dear tree.
please forgive me father, for i know this is a sin,

i made this decision for myself, for a life without beauty, is no life i will live,
im coming for you mom and dad.

life as an incense stick

sunbeams warm my days,
combustion warms my nights,
a stationary life,
suicide by smokey night.

ive watched my brothers cry their smokey wails,
my sisters dissipate into a smokey trail,
the end could come at any day,
though worry is worthless,
for all the ending is the same.

solum silence sits against us,
in a life filled purely by selection,
succumbing us with static.

erected out of aromatic scraps,
evenly rolled,
cured to perfection,
passing lies in the reflection, of life,
right before their silent eyes,
burn, burn, burn some more,
dance your smokey dance,
until all of your embers hit the floor,
as reality melts into no more,
you have reached the end.

one last dance with time

i leapt off the back deck, swinging my arms, hurling my legs over my head with all my might,
i grabbed my knees, contorting my body into a small ball,
my attempt to generate as much torque as possible,
the end goal here executing a move resembling a gainer.

my feet made the first contact, disturbing the thin film stretched over the surface of the wave, instantaneously i was engulfed into mother earths amniotic sac.

i held my eyes shut tight, i did not want to spoil the surprise.
i threw my arms abouve my head in the shape of a "Y" , i propelled my self downward.
darkness, silence, well, not silence, the sea tends to be skilled at producing unidentifiable sounds, it is quite echoey down there. there are always vibrations, whether large or small, that seem to dance their way into the creases of our ears, pursuing their life long endeavor to mingle with their eternal partner, the drums.

i love it.

my eyes still fastened shut.

i want to preserve the serenity, the waters chilly but i don't really know, anything,
for all i know is when my back foot left the faux wooden deck of the stern, i might've slipped through the cracks of time, and when i arise to the surface to open my eyes… my god! it must be at least a hundred and fifty feet long, no two hundred! its gotta be at least sixty feet high! there must be fifty pairs of rowers stationed in perfect ratios along the side of the ship, holding steady a long ore in each hand, ready at all times, waiting for the captain to bark out his commands. face to face with a roman long boat, what a sight! god she sure is the ritz carlton of the seas!

you see, it is not unusual to find yourself in the midst of similarly strange happenings, when you simply,

close your eyes.

it really is my favorite place to be,
alone, with my thoughts, just me and the sea
where my mind can take a breather

i lean on back, i outstretch my legs,
in fact, even some of you neurons can relax,
i'm sure you all are so fatigued, thats what a 24/7 shift will do to you,
i promise, its okay, take a break, i wont fall, the sea has got me,
do you feel it?
caressing me in its malleable grasp, we're secure,
please don't stress.
every single microscopic point on my body is being held up, assisted, aided, from my toes, all the way to the hairs dancing in the gentle push of the current as it hits my chest,

thank you for this moment of serene peacefulness, but now my curiosity levels are rising off the charts,
i'm content, it is time to open my eyes
i begin my internal countdown, insensible as to what might be sharing this space with me today,




if were able to breathe, without a doubt i would say it has taken my breath away,
blue, blue…
as far as the eye can see, every single shade you can imagine, everything from phthalo to columbian, with just the most impeccable gradient residing in between them, it truly is the perfect palette

i look down at my feet, and im taken back,
as there is nothing down beneath them,
im doing circles now,
my eyes, darting around quicker than a yellow jacket,
my motions are less fluid now, i'm trying to take in the fact,
that there truly is nothing around me.

i am surrounded by vastness, an abyss filled with nothingness,
no life in sight,
the only reminder of mine this past minute has been my beating heart, and even that seemingly begins to grow fainter and fainter as i come to terms with this overwhelming feeling of insignificance,

it is not a degrading feeling, it is beautiful

i can look out into the void, and see myself,
floating in the abyss, alone, at peace, surrounded by nothingness,
and in that nothingness there is a delicate feeling of relief,
you must be tedious though, it is an intricate game, for holding onto these ties, can fill up the nothingness just enough to keep you from drifting to the other side, but i know the feeling now,
that sense of relief,
there is no need to think about it anymore,
just like the void it is linked to,
it too, just is

you know, i think it might be time now, for the final act to arrive,
he should get here any moment, just please do not complain if he's running a bit behind,
he is not like us,
he's had many different sets of eyes,
i trust him dearly,
you should as well,
after all, he's spent quite a while wandering the crossroads of our minds,
oh would you look at at that, the special guest has just arrived,
who better to wrap up this reflection,
then the man himself time.

hey its been a while!
i will not lie, i almost forgot about you,
i was so entranced, lost in thought, staring into those oh so secretive shades of blue

oh look, there you are now, poking around inside of my chest,
its not that you had left, you were always along side me,
you just know how to fly under the radar and stalk your prey,
you always were, oh so crafty,

but i don't want to go up, i don't want to go yet,
catch me if you can! im heading down the the depths!

shoving all the water out of the way with vicious pulls
snapping my frog kicks, if i snap any harder my knees might give out
im propelling my self down a dangerous blue death

im just messing with you,
i wont lie, what started as a miniature discomfort, now really has me in quite the state of unrest

even if i had a full tank of oxygen, i know you would still chase after me until we would find ourselves so deep,
in a place where not even the suns sharp, piercing rays of light dare venture.

but if i made it down there, and we cut out all the lights,
it would be an honor, i would be more than fine,
sharing my last dance with you,
only you,

mr. time