Writing Catalog

Hannah Rowland-Seymour

Grade: 11

Hathaway Brown School

Instructor: Scott Parsons

a letter to the girl i once was


a letter to the girl i once was

my dear sweet child,
do you remember when
you would travel around the city,
playing your music?
feather wax wings beating strong along with the cello,
the bookstore air filled with the sound of love.
those tonal sounds were not quite right,
and it was not quite music
but you didn't care.
and neither did your classmates, as they watched you in awe,
starting to believe in magic.

you thought you were invincible, indomitable.
you were the leader of the school,
the queen of recess;
full of pranks and laughter and joy.

how did your wings melt so goddamn quickly?
what pushed you further and further into the ground,
rendering you stuck to the earth, unable to fly anymore?

was it the stark white prison cell of a room,
the incessant beeping monitors?
the hushed voices?
those complicated words swirling around in your little brain, impossible to comprehend?
was it the crimson red roses, blooming with a single prick,
leaving violent purple bruises behind?
or maybe,
maybe it was the tubes coming out of you;
acting as your sole tie to survival as well as your downfall.

maybe it was inevitable.
the wings had to melt, as all good things do.
but why did you have to fall so hard?
you reached the sun:
you were there at the heart of it all
but then,
in the blink of an eye,
you lost everything.