Writing Catalog

Georgia Ganotis

Grade: 8

Lakewood Catholic Academy

Instructor: Allison Metsch

The Reality, Insecurities, Almost


The Reality, Insecurities, Almost

The Reality
Everyone sees the world differently,
Everyone expects us to be our best,
Everyone thinks we can do it all.
But the reality is,
We can't.
Nobody wants us to fail,
Nobody wants us to get off track,
Nobody thinks we can't make mistakes.
But the reality is,
We do.
I am not perfect.
I make mistakes.
I try my best.
But the reality is,
It's not easy.
Reality, reality, reality.
It's not a pretty picture.

I saw a young girl standing before me
I couldn't bear to look at her
I told her she was hideous
Her nose was too wide
Her stomach was too soft
I analyzed every inch of her body
Her lips were far too thin
Her legs were too fat
She began to cry
Oh, how ugly she looked when she cried
I glanced at her one last time
Before I stepped back from the mirror
And let my insecurities win.

And at that moment,
She finally understood the meaning of almost
She was almost home
She was almost his
She was almost good enough
She was almost okay