Writing Catalog

Ellie Hammarlund

Grade: 9

Rocky River Middle School

Instructor: Ashley Morris

And I Said, Yes


And I Said, Yes

adore me, HE said
love me, HE said
support me, HE said
and i said, yes.
what did HE give me?
HE didn't tease
HE made fun of
HE bullied
HE never cared.
help me, SHE said
solve my problems, SHE said
fix me, SHE said
and i said, yes.
what did SHE give me?
SHE told me to be miserable
SHE told me i wasn't actually sad
only SHE had feelings
only SHE mattered
SHE never cared.
tell me what's wrong, She said
drink some water, She said
do something nice for yourself, She said
love yourself, She said
and I said, yes.
what did She give Me?
She gave Me love
She gave Me compassion
She gave Me hope
She always cares.