Writing Catalog

Annie Davenport

Grade: 11

Bay Village High School

Instructor: Erin Beirne

How Will I Ever Escape This Vivarium?


How Will I Ever Escape This Vivarium?

How will I ever escape this vivarium?
A labyrinth of tract housing
Mimicking street and driveway
Unimagined and uninspired
Like quicksand--- the ground all consuming
Dragging my feet deeper and further into this barren earth
My leg lifts
Brushes the cement and scrapes to a stop
Sauntering the placid pavements noticing each vein carved into the stone tiles
creating a mountain range of cement peaks, valleys of worn stone
While you watch from your pale pitch forked boundary
And comfort of the thin plastic wrap windows
Clinging around the sides of the house
Inflating with breath
Ultimately suffocating you with your own air
With unassuming issues
And precisely coordinated groundscaping
you sit and watch
you can see me but,
I can see you too.
Behind the walls you placed around yourself
with thin glass boxes
to the outside world you tried so hard to distance yourself from
So you can watch and see those on the outside those
Unlike you
Like me
Walk and pause at the gateways from the window grilles
from the outside, collecting portraits of your lives
To wonder
With open eyes without veil
And move on while you sit and stare gawking at the outrageousness
of my calmly mannered stride
Is it a longing stare you give or condemning
When you look
At a tadpole flipping and swirling through a pond
While your feet dangle, suspended in the still water
Do you disturb them with your presence or
Watch with held breath and fight the subtle current of underbrush?
Do you let their hyper bodies shift around the cool water unescorted?
Or do you force havoc on them
Send them bolting
Like light pouring through a doorway?