Writing Catalog

Reece Bernhardt

Grade: 11

Independence High School

Instructor: Bill McGuinness

Greek Love (Euphemism for Homosexuality)


Greek Love (Euphemism for Homosexuality)


We're walking this time
Feet heartbeats words
in time overlapping
Moments with you like
Paper chains we made in forth grade
Too long to fit with the space given
Fragile too,
If someone tugs
Bright and colorful and seemingly endless
On these walks
I will tell you everything you want
Anything you want
Things like what color you're thinking of
I'm right every time
We're sitting another time
Pencils, nods, glances,
Overlapping again
Moments with you like
Wild conspiracies, I build,
The top of the pedestal
You're on
Insane to those who don't realize
We've pinky promised away
our secrets at dawn
During these talks
I'll move wherever you want
Anywhere you want
Places like where you want to live
and die but have never gone
I'm there every time
You've only ever been gold
Worth so much
When you talk it settles me
You tell me to not be a tugboat
To risk my mind for everyone
Stay tall gold and bright among the shore
to make homes of people
Is to want to hide
Is to be known only
by them


holding your face in my hands
the world is burning and ash is
blocking my view of you
the grip on my wrists burns more than
my melting skin
for all of my desperation to run
my heart is chained to yours
i'm screaming with my mouth closed
i only remember your name
you aren't even trying to make noise just
tightening your hands around my arms
i dig one of my hands to your hair
reaching for something still soft, clean, and flowery
you're starting to make me bleed
where you cling
Just for a second I look up
Remembering blue
Then back to you
blue eyes dulled
With cries stifled
Planets collide while
I say goodbye


Your body is beautiful.
Love it,
Ignore them.

How can you ignore
What feels carved
Into your skin:
Jagged, splintering compliments

When they forget to make eye contact
Stand up straight
Tilt your chin
And think their stares don't burn
You are made of fire and war and blood and those boys mean nothing

But oh I am not
I am bone
And skin and all too flammable
But I pretend anyway

When your skin creaks under the weight of their words
Let it for your foundation is steady
Words will never hurt you
And sticks and stones they are still too
Afraid to throw at you

What happens when they are no longer afraid
How long will it take for them
To shatter
Every cell
To tear and rip into my
To force themselves
Through my space and when they do how will I fight back
My shoulders are back
chin up
Eyes ahead
Fingers pressed into fists and molded into my last defense

Love your body
for it is beautiful


Glass blown blue eyes
Wind swept reckless curls
She's my Tower of Babel
Just as I thought I'd reached heaven
Reached knowing her
I fell into a thousand different words for I love you
And a thousand different memories of why
World worn hands
Safely shaped hopes
She helped me tie
Every memory to every love
Coax the choking language
Out my fallen throat


A poem about pride
And choking till your face turns red
See the thing about pride
Is that it burns your throat
Stings and claws to not go down easy
Swallowing pride
goes against my gag reflex

I end up vomiting more than a sorry
In the space between our feet
On the floor
You'll see why my stomach couldn't take pride
I've already feasted on lust and greed
As we get closer
The light catches my teeth
Stained from forbidden fruits
I fought to be lustful and greedy
To allow myself gentle sins
Remember angels guard the tree now
Flaming swords or torches or picket signs or brimstone fire
Secret is the garden isn't closed off
Angel blessed word and war
Is just angel blessed
The garden knows her children
I fought to allow greed
To own my feelings before angels
To allow lust
To own my love before hate
Pride is a different sin
It must rest with your heart
Weather on a sleeve or scale
I choke on pride as they
attempt to force it down
Pride fights to cling to my heart
I spill greed love self
To spare my pride
Light catches your eyes
As i move closer
Grieving lust and greed
Yet praising pride
Your eyes
(Oh darling what would those angels would say if they knew )
Your eyes
love and pride are my favorite colors on you
For you to paint me in
My throat still burns
Teeth still stained