Writing Catalog

Fayez Issa

Grade: 8

Birchwood School

Instructor: Jennifer Seward

The Fire Beings

Flash Fiction

The Fire Beings

I breathe heavily as I turn against the rubble. My vision focuses on a body I never wanted to see in my life. I see a species that has wiped out nearly all of humanity: the Fire Beings. That is what we have named them, anyway. No one knows why they have come. All we know is that they eliminate humans.

I watched as the being slowly moved around, using its ability to hover above the ground. They were about the height of an average man, thin and pallid. I begin to shiver in fear and tears begin to drop from my scared face. Still, I turn a little bit more to get a better look. Wait a minute, was that a human? In front of the fire being? A woman stood there, I turned around and pressed my body against the wall. I can't bear to witness a struggle like this. Screams like a canary unleash. The sounds of blazing fire overtake the individual's struggle. As I bury my eyes in my elbow, the sounds stop all of a sudden. I take a glance behind the wall and see another fire figure. She didn't just die; she had become one of the figures.

It's time to get out of here. I dart toward a dark building, huddling against its wall and peering through the window at all different angles to confirm it was safe inside. Then, out of nowhere, the sound of footsteps came from behind me. A person? I turn to see a tall boy with long hair, staring right at me. Then, I nod my head toward the entrance to the building. He nods and follows me. As we enter the building, I jerk my head toward a stairwell. He nods again, and we make our way down half-broken stairs that seem like they're ready to collapse. Before taking any further steps, I turn on the dying lights with the dusty switch, and then I do a 360, stopping to take a look around after every turn. I see the guy I met right behind me on the steps; he was waiting for me to make sure the coast was clear. When I look behind me, I nod my head and he begins to carefully go down the steps.I take a seat on the dusty floors, and he follows suit.

"Hi," he whispers. He seems sad, like something had just happened to him, but I don't want to ask him about it.

He clears his throat.

"I'm Kevin. You?"


"That is my little brother's name," he says in a low tone.

"Where is he?" I responded.

"Somewhere with the no-hearted fire beings." he says, disgusted.

There was something odd, though, about the way he said it. It didn't really seem like he meant it. Something was off about him.

BOOM BOOM BOOM. The building shook. I begin to hear the sounds of fire. Kevin and I begin to panic, shaking in fear. Distant fires begin to seem not so distant. I run up the stairs and look through a window to see the building across from us start to burn. I step a bit closer to the window to get a better look and see people. People burning and becoming fire figures. Their feet began to burn, then their heads, their arms, their entire bodies began to reshape. I see them struggle and cry out for help, even though nobody could hear them. Then, they became fire figures. I turn away my head to see Kevin right behind me. I then take another look in front of me and see the Fire Beings, surging and flying toward the broken-down office building we were in. I spin around and see the kid I met just minutes ago, pointing at me, then running away and locking the door.

I cannot believe it. The world is a mess, and I am about to become one of the causes.

Right in front of me are three of the fire figures. They fly through the door and stop right in front of me. They throw fireballs all around the building; started it begins to burn. I saw a being winding up to throw at me.

"NO, NO, PLEASE, NO!" It was too late. I started to burn, scream, and cry. "PLEASE NO PLEASE!" My body begins to reshape, and a light glows upward, starting from my feet. My face becomes red and my body becomes numb as I evolve. I burn and burn until my body becomes a fire. I am now a fire figure, dead and evolved. I look around and join the others. All I hear and see is fire. Fire.